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    • LaboringHonoring Our Laborers
      Originally posted on August 29, 2014

      As we make final preparations for the most solemn American holiday, Labor Day, our mind turns to ways that we, and perhaps all of us, can make Monday’s national celebration of workers into a perfect expression of how we all really feel about laborers.
      Vegas, baby!
      Another less exalted way of honoring those of us who actually work is to take a small slice of time out of our vacation – thirty minutes maybe? – to ask ourselves a simple question: Why do I believe what I believe?
      It’s a useful line of inquiry. Had the millions of Americans who once supported segregation, and opposed gay marriage, and accepted second-class citizenry for women – and whatever other “old fashioned” belief system you now find outmoded – asked themselves the Why Do I Believe question, we might be decades ahead in our march towards social justice.
      There was a time not long ago when millions of dollars were spent to convince Americans that cigarettes weren’t harmful, that lead additives weren’t harmful, and that automobiles are “safe” – crazy as all those concepts sound. Most people at the time accepted the propaganda and the ideology, just like we continue to accept…


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    • News QuizNews Quiz

      Who said what?
      “This act of violence shocks the conscience of the world.”
      A) Eric Holder, on the Boston Marathon bombing.
      B) Reverend Al Sharpton, on the slaying of another unarmed black man by American police.
      C) Prime Minister David Cameron, on the downing of Malaysian Air #17.
      D) None of the above.
      “They are killing innocent, unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. They abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rape and slavery.”


    • noose for deathEncouraging Suicide Note

      I’m hoping something good will come of my early exit. So it won’t have been a big waste.

      I’m optimistic, but I’m also realistic. Jesus Christ died for all our sins yet we find increasingly perverse ways to thank him and his Father. He just wanted us to love each other. That’s the challenging part for us, right?

      You could say “some things never change.”

      Or do they?

      Will they?

      That’s up to you. If you’re reading this, you’re one…


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