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    • US Military MightLittle Lies, Big Lies, and American Lies
      Originally posted on October 14, 2012

      Representative Paul Broun (R-Ga.) is a member of the House Science, Space and Technology committee, which guides national science policy. His constituents, who elected and re-elected him, are untroubled apparently that Broun rejects science as a legitimate basis for decision-making. Broun has publicly called evolution – and all that we’ve learned about the process – “lies.”

      Not “badly misunderstood.” Not “open to widely divergent interpretation.”


      Well, all right then! We take this opportunity to wonder out loud what that makes Mormonism in Broun’s estimation? Or his Party’s simultaneous denunciation of Federal entitlements and embrace of corporate welfare?

      And speaking of Mitt Romney…is it unfair to call his entire campaign a lie? The animatronic Romney has morphed from moderate to extremist to moderate, a chrysalis in constant flux. The tune changes depending on what the house band prefers to play, but the animatronic Romney, at its essence, remains a very rich, pro-war mendicant.

      Fibbing about who your tax plan will aid is a relatively small lie, the kind of fabrication that goes unnoticed except among the chattering class, who pass along their chagrin during vexed appearances on MSNBC and Fox News. Then everyone is irked for a day or two…


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    • upholding the lawWhen Credibility Is More Important Than Justice

      In a story headlined “Pot’s popularity, state law create trying times for U.S. prosecutor,” a Los Angeles Times reporter named Joe Mozingo attempted a sympathetic profile of a United States attorney who works closely with DEA agents to imprison Americans for possessing or selling cannabis, even when those Americans are obeying state law. How tricky, how challenging! Especially when the prosecutor, Julie Shemitz, 57, admits that she personally has no grievance with the plant or people who enjoy it.



    • clitboys_1Poem: A Brief Autobiography

      The 2014 MichaelKonik.com SUMMER POETRY FESTIVAL, June30-July13. A New Poem Every Morning


      I was a punk rocker. A real one. Original Midwestern Hardcore Punk Thrash

      loud and fast and angry enough to convey the depths of agony

      residing in our adolescent breasts, the unspeakable (only screamable) pain

      of being trapped like a bear in a sharp leg clamp,

      tortured by the knowledge that we were ensnared in a system

      we wouldn’t choose except under the threat of torture, and maybe…


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