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    • drug-war-peaceA Lost War
      Originally posted on June 18, 2011

      On June 17, 1971, President Nixon told Congress that “if we cannot destroy the drug menace in America, then it will surely destroy us.” And thus was the war on drugs commenced.
      This week marks the 40th anniversary of another failed American war effort. The numbers, courtesy of the folks behind the next California “legalize it” Proposition, are staggering.
      “We’ve spent more than $1 trillion on this war. And what do we have to show for it? Right now, 2.3 million Americans are sitting in prison, while over 7.2 million people are currently part of the criminal justice system as a result of being on probation or parole — a full 1 in every 32 adults. Because of the failed drug war, America now imprisons more people than any other nation on earth.”
      Trying to arrest ourselves into submission hasn’t cut drug use. We’ve only created a violent, multi-billion dollar underground industry responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands across the globe, especially in neighboring Mexico.
      But more people are becoming aware of the problem — and that there are solutions. A hopeful sign.: An op-ed written in the New York Times by former President Jimmy Carter entitled ‘Call…


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    • whose propaganda is it anywayDeluded Warriors

      Isn’t it hilarious how those crazy Islamic terrorists brainwash young recruits, transforming them from disillusioned urchins with no hope of bettering their miserable life into heartless suicide bombers doing “God’s work”? The boys are promised martyrdom and dozens of virgin lovers waiting for them in the hereafter. By killing as many of the enemy as possible when they explode, the pitifully bamboozled jihadis believe that they’re leaving this world better than they found it.

      Ridiculous isn’t it?

      Conversely, it’s not…


    • lemur facePavlov’s Dogs

      On a recent trip to Madagascar in search of wildlife in its natural habitat, we visited the magnificent Andasibe National Park, where a dozen species of lemur monkeys found nowhere else in the world make their home in the forest canopy. Viewing sifaka (“dancing lemurs”) normally seen only in captivity cavorting in the wild, leaping from branch to branch with an athleticism and grace touched by Terpsichore, moved us deeply. We felt reconnected to everything that modern life inexorably cleaves…


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    • November 29, 2014

      November 29, 2014: MK Punky hosts “Revolutionary Words” at Elderberries Social Justice Café; 6PM sign-up, 7PM show.

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