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    • White-PrivilegeThe Righteous Delight of Whiteness
      Originally posted on January 25, 2015

      Life is grand. Especially for people who look like me.

      I don’t make society’s rules, I just benefit from them.

      I didn’t decide to be a White Male, that’s just the way I was born. You know how it is — especially if you’re Jewish. Some of us are Chosen. Fate, dumb luck. It’s terrific.

      There’s probably never been a better time to be a white guy. In 2013 – and this is after the economy was fully recovered from the financial chicanery of several white guys in charge of Wall Street banks — the median wealth of white households was 13 times that of black households. This data was provided by the Federal Reserve, so, sure, there could be some home team bias in the numbers. But even if whites only have 10 times the wealth of blacks, that’s still OK with me.

      In 2010, the gap was only eight times the wealth. My tribe is making progress.

      And not just compared to blacks. Also browns. And other non-Caucasians. White households had 10 times the wealth of Latinos, the widest margin since 2001.

      What a marvelous sense of financial security I have being white. With all the gains we’ve…


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    • homeless prophetHomey Prophet Speaks

      Where you want to put it, fool?

      On the dark?

      All right.

      I’ll say it again: All right.

      All right. You know it’s gonna be

      all right.

      Everything is gonna be all right

      even when it’s not.

      Perfection includes imperfection.

      And that includes you, fool.

      So where you want to put it, my brother,

      My perfectly imperfect worry machine?

      You want to concentrate on a panoply of indignities,

      like man-made war, and man-made disease?

      You want to examine

      Poor brown…


    • Children_Hugging1Poem: The Power of Being Humane

      The United States of America has surrendered

      all claims to moral superiority.

      We’re the world’s largest exporter of state-sponsored terrorism and international perfidy.

      We operate one-thousand overseas military

      bases in places

      that, best case scenario,

      put up with our presence begrudgingly, sullenly,

      involuntarily hosting the bellicose bully with a B-2 bomber,

      the abusive uncle who shows up uninvited then stays too long and brays too loud.


      Of course we torture. Of course we do. There’s only so much remote-controlled drone…


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    • January 25, 2015

      MK Punky hosts and performs in “Revolutionary Words” at Elderberries Café, in Hollywood.

    • April 18, 2015

      Milwaukee-based Beer City Records re-issues the classic 1983 Midwest Hardcore Punk album, “We Don’t Play the Game,” by The Clitboys, featuring songwriter MK on bass and vocals.

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