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    • 3pigsCounty Accountability
      Originally posted on January 15, 2011

      As far as nasty and unfair-to-the-minority generalizations go, the assertion that “all politicians are venal, corrupt power addicts” is a pretty safe one. Because almost everyone, including the politicians, know that it has some basis in fact.
      Indeed, an entire oxymoronic political movement, the Tea Party, has been built recently around the simplistic assumption that government is inherently bad. Folks are tired of the perpetual nonsense, of being institutionally robbed by their neighbors. But they’re also too tired to do anything about it. Every week there’s some new outrage reported, some low-minded, selfish bit of skullduggery from an alleged “public servant.” Bad behavior is what we expect from those who have the bad taste to be a politician. We’re relieved and surprised when our elective representatives finish their terms without doing anything that triggers our ethics alarm.
      So it is not wildly irresponsible to suggest that Ye Olde Publick Electorate must demand from their candidates, every single one of them, including beloved incumbents (especially them), a signed pledge in which they promise that they will not only adhere to the letter of the law they will also adhere to the spirit of the law — that they will not only…


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    • expression our our large penisesThe Nuclear Option

      Now’s the perfect time to assess our nuclear option. (We would have said “re-assess,” but for most of us a critical assessment hasn’t ever happened.) Now’s the time to make a big change. A series of scandals involving our nuclear weapons force has spurred leading war-makers, like Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel, to call for an overhaul, one that will cost, for now, an estimated $12 billion. The Strangelovian details of the scandals — a maintenance wrench required for fastening warheads to…


    • Rev2_jpgRevolutionary Words

      “Revolutionary Words.” Sounds intriguing, and possibly…violent?

      Not that kind of revolution. We’re talking about the bloodless kind, the mind revolution, each individual looking deep and changing the one and only person he/she/we are able: ourselves, one at a time. “Revolutionary Words” are those that dare to speak the truth out loud. “Revolutionary Words” are those that refuse to accept the status quo just because that’s the way it’s always been. “Revolutionary Words” are those that question the basic assumptions our society…


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    • November 30, 2014

      November 30, 2014: MK Punky hosts “Revolutionary Words” at Elderberries Social Justice Café; 6PM sign-up, 7PM show.

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