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    • cardinal roger mahony executes the sacred whitewash ritualEndorsement: Cardinal Roger Mahony for Pope!
      Originally posted on February 24, 2013

      The race is on! Now that everyone’s beloved Uncle Joe Ratzinger, also known as ”Benedict,” has stepped aside, leaving the Papacy for a comfortable dotage on Vatican property, where he shall remain blissfully shielded from criminal prosecution for the rest of his days, someone (male) will wield the sceptre and wear the mitre!

      Who will win the title “Most Powerful Catholic on Earth”?

      We can’t say. All we know is that it will be someone who thinks the best way to raise poor people out of poverty is to deny them birth control.

      Unfortunately, we’re not eligible to vote. For that you have to be a Cardinal under the age of 80. We qualify on only one count. But we do have a rooting interest, a hometown interest you might say. Our man from Los Angeles is eligible and he should be the next Pope of the Catholic Empire.

      MichaelKonik.com proudly endorses Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony for Pope.

      Next month, Cardinal Mahony, the retired Archbishop of Los Angeles, will be attending the Vatican Papal conclave and participating in the selection of Ratzinger’s successor. Mahony is younger than 80 (76); he gets to vote. He has a right and a duty to vote. So, from a…


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    • We're No FoolsWe’re No (April) Fools

      In the spirit of light-hearted playfulness of April Fools Day, the Los Angeles Times tried to pull one over on their (dwindling) readership. But the cleverest among us realized their ruse, and instead of feeling perplexed and outraged we enjoyed a hearty chuckle. All in good fun!

      The April 1, 2014 edition’s lead editorial, on page A10, was headlined “Climate change here and now.” The sub-head said: “Crop yields are down, deaths from heat are up. A U.N. panel’s report…


    • love thy neighborhoodPoem: Better Angels

      Out on errands, out on foot seeing and breathing

      whatever passes for Nature

      in Hollywood,

      I – which means you-me-we-us – you were doing what you always do on gentle mornings

      cinematically sunlit from the back:

      you were noticing. Walking and noticing

      energy organizing in most attractive and repellent ways. Seeing a fraction of the all and, overwhelmed

      by the majesty and the emptiness,

      the majesty of the emptiness,

      you sigh smile

      stepping once more into the opposite of the…


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