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    • hunger gamesViolence Voyeurism
      Originally posted on March 25, 2012

      Outrageous. Horrifying. Disgusting.

      These were some of the adjectives hurled in the press when news broke that the former world champions of football, the New Orleans Saints, for years had instituted a bounty system that rewarded their players for knocking opponents out of the game. Players contributed to an in-house pool and collected $1,000-$1,500 when they scored a knockout. Hitting someone so hard that they required a stretcher or motorized cart to be removed from the field earned a special commendation.

      The National Football League, presenters of America’s favorite gladiatorial spectacle, handed down sentences to the malefactors. The General Manager and an assistant coach were suspended without pay for about half the upcoming season. The head coach, Sean Payton, was banned for the entire year. And in a maneuver eerily reminiscent of the Soviet Gulag, the former defensive coordinator and alleged mastermind of the bounty program, Greg Williams, now leading the St. Louis Rams, was suspended from the NFL “indefinitely,” which might or might not mean forever.

      We’re betting on a sentence slightly shorter than forever.

      We’re also betting that aside from dull-witted sportswriters and commentators who are paid to apotheosize the NFL and all the fine American values it…


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      I’m hoping something good will come of my early exit. So it won’t have been a big waste.

      I’m optimistic, but I’m also realistic. Jesus Christ died for all our sins yet we find increasingly perverse ways to thank him and his Father. He just wanted us to love each other. That’s the challenging part for us, right?

      You could say “some things never change.”

      Or do they?

      Will they?

      That’s up to you. If you’re reading this, you’re one…


    • golden ruleAdditional Golden Rules

      The original Golden Rule — “treat others as you wish to be treated” — sounds fantastic in theory, but isn’t really possible to apply practically, as evidenced by the lives each of us lead. Or maybe it is being applied and is difficult to recognize. Maybe how people wish to be treated is “horribly,” which explains all the reciprocal cruelty and malice that comprises standard treatment.

      Perhaps the Golden Rule is just too darned complicated, too nuanced, an ongoing invitation to misinterpretation. We…


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