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    • legal-drugsOur Drug Problem
      Originally posted on October 02, 2011

      We’ve been told to “just say no” to drugs. We’ve been warned. We’ve been prosecuted and imprisoned and rehabilitated. We’ve been cajoled and counseled and criticized. Yet we haven’t been convinced. At least not enough to change our deadly ways.

      We’re a nation of drug addicts. And our addictions are killing us.

      In the first decade of the millennium, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, for the first time in recorded history more Americans died from drug-related complications than automobiles. Drugs have overtaken everything else as the leading cause of accidental death.

      This is a stunning development in light of the tens of billions of dollars we’ve devoted to our failed “War on Drugs.” From a return-on-investment standpoint one would expect at least a nominal lessening of the drug scourge, a dip in the line graph. Instead, the more resources we exhaust, the worse our results. We continue to consume drugs as though they were peanuts, and the dismal results, the numbers say, are approaching epidemic proportions.

      If the first four paragraphs of this essay upset you — and they should — please read the next sentence carefully. Of the tens-of-thousands of…


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    • lemur facePavlov’s Dogs

      On a recent trip to Madagascar in search of wildlife in its natural habitat, we visited the magnificent Andasibe National Park, where a dozen species of lemur monkeys found nowhere else in the world make their home in the forest canopy. Viewing sifaka (“dancing lemurs”) normally seen only in captivity cavorting in the wild, leaping from branch to branch with an athleticism and grace touched by Terpsichore, moved us deeply. We felt reconnected to everything that modern life inexorably cleaves…


    • kid-with-cellphone2Poem: What’s in There?

      You could say our addiction to convenience and comfort has been successfully repackaged as the highest end for our brilliant technological means.

      Or, you could say that we’re in the grip of a nationwide plague. Of…A.D.D.

      Or, you could say we’re simply a country of poorly developed adult minds with the collective attention span of squirrels during mating season.

      Or, you could look up, my fellow fool – if you can tear yourself away from the sacred screen.

      You’ll see…


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