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    • Uncle Sam pointingPointing Fingers
      Originally posted on July 22, 2012

      Whether or not you subscribe to the curious concept of “American exceptionalism,” you probably sense that America is exceptionally nervous about its future, long-term and short. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and the old Soviet Union (1991), the United States of America has rapidly fallen from uncontested #1 global leader to our current state of terrorized tightfistedness.

      Not long ago we we’re rich. Now we’re broke, and maybe permanently broken. Following surpluses under a spend-spend-spend Democrat named Bill Clinton, we twice elected a thrifty Republican named George W. Bush, who cut taxes while prosecuting two protracted foreign wars. So whose fault is it that the national debt is insurmountable? Blame George W. Bush!

      Or you could blame the blissfully unregulated mortgage banks for selling money on credit to people who had neither money nor credit. Blame those folks, too. They didn’t understand that when you spend more than you earn you accrue debts. So whose fault is it that millions of people lost their homes in the financial meltdown? Blame the banks and their irresponsible customers!

      Or you could blame our State governments for setting one terrible example after another. In California, our legislature (controlled by Democrats)…


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    • washington-redskins-logoRedskins Forever!

      The Washington Redskins have the coolest nickname in all of sports. Their logo – a stone-faced Indian wearing 19th Century feathers – is also pretty awesome.

      Here’s how you know the name “Redskins” isn’t a slur against a conquered and marginalized people but is actually a part of the NFL’s long tradition of diversity and inclusion, on and off the field: a league spokesman said, “The intent of the team’s name has always been to present a strong, positive, and…


    • upholding the lawWhen Credibility Is More Important Than Justice

      In a story headlined “Pot’s popularity, state law create trying times for U.S. prosecutor,” a Los Angeles Times reporter named Joe Mozingo attempted a sympathetic profile of a United States attorney who works closely with DEA agents to imprison Americans for possessing or selling cannabis, even when those Americans are obeying state law. How tricky, how challenging! Especially when the prosecutor, Julie Shemitz, 57, admits that she personally has no grievance with the plant or people who enjoy it.



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