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    • skunkSelective Smelling
      Originally posted on December 18, 2011

      Women, those creatures from Venus, assume that most men, particularly boyfriends and husbands, suffer from a malady known as “selective hearing.” Other forms of this pervasive syndrome include “selective memory” and “selective comprehension.” A rough description: When the Lakers score is coming over the radio, a man hears like a bat; when the wife is asking him to do the dishes – or massage her bunions, or watch cat videos – he hears like Marlee Matlin.
      Selective memory usually kicks in when the subject of inquiry involves ex-girlfriends or number of beers consumed.
      Selective comprehension usually kicks in when the subject of discussion involves the operation of the pay-per-view function on the remote when the new “Twilight” sequel shows up on cable.
      Though it’s not yet entered in the Physicians’ Desk Reference, we’ve recently identified a new and possibly unrelated disease. This one affects both men and women, particularly those who consider themselves public servants, particularly those public servants who serve the public in Washington, DC, particularly those public servants who serve the public as members of Congress.
      It’s called “selective smelling.” A rough description: Stuff that smells skunky, like rotted-flesh-coated-in-fresh-excrement-drizzled-with-spoiled-milk, to everyone who isn’t a politician smells perfectly agreeable…


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    • income-inequality-gapMore Work, Less Money = Progress

      This year the United States economy recovered all of the jobs lost during the great Wall Street Recession.
      But here’s the even better news: The newly created jobs pay an average of 23% less than the ones lost in the “downsizing.” According to a report issued by the United States Conference of Mayors based on 2012 Census data, higher-paying jobs in the construction and manufacturing sectors have been replaced by jobs in the lower-paying sectors of healthcare and hospitality.


    • LaboringHonoring Our Laborers

      As we make final preparations for the most solemn American holiday, Labor Day, our mind turns to ways that we, and perhaps all of us, can make Monday’s national celebration of workers into a perfect expression of how we all really feel about laborers.
      Vegas, baby!
      Another less exalted way of honoring those of us who actually work is to take a small slice of time out of our vacation – thirty minutes maybe? – to ask ourselves a…


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