Advice to Self and Poets in General

la-jolla-cliffs-over-blacks-russ-harrisWhen confronted with the immensity of the ocean

crashing against La Jolla cliffs

craggy like Ireland and the island of Islay

refrain from attempting to describe the waves and sky and gulls and wind and salty spray

as a poet might

using nouns as verbs

“the sea lips the shore”

“the pelicans wing the coastline”

Better to skip descriptiveness

when your subject has been seen and compared and conjoured by every human being who has ever lived and all that will come

Picture painting serves no one but the manipulative God of Words who wants you to search forever vainly

for phrases that have never been written

about the ocean, the immense ocean close enough to die in

Refrain from granting the heaving water anything vaguely like

human emotion

The ocean is not angry today

It does not rage8d749e9f88009cdfcfe417b3891ac0d2 against the Garbage Patch

And skip all the moon and tides hoogiehaja

Those insights have been previously recorded by several thousand scribes who once saw what you are now observing

and thought a version of your thoughts

Thank you for your poetic consideration

Your grace will be to withdraw into humility

contemplating where you fit in all this aqua

in the liquid eternity

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