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Making It (2014)

“Brilliantly funny, astonishingly upsetting. You can only pray this is fiction.” — New Yorker Review of Books

“Add Konik’s name to Sinclair Lewis, Nathanael West and William Goldman on the list of Hollywood’s greatest satirists. Scorching, burning writing that blurs the line between reality and imagination.” — Publishing Weekly

“Ingenious and arresting, but probably unsuitable for general circulation collections.” — MLA Library Journal



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Becoming Bobby (2012)

The darkly satirical story about what happens when an average guy is overwhelmed by fantasies of being a Vegas big shot. Brutally funny fiction from “the Dean of the world’s gambling writers.” — Detroit Free-Press.

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Reefer Gladness (2010)

“Whether it’s passing down and synthesizing long-held stoner mantras or recreating believable, emotionally stunted characters struggling to balance escapism and real world responsibility, Konik’s short, punchy prose tackles common misconceptions of marijuana (the kind he once had before his first hit) with the likeable tone of cynicism and common sense reasoning.” — Culture

“An original work that’s part fiction part social commentary.” — Los Angeles Magazine.

“This is where the personal meets the political, as those fears are internalized from a culture that’s criminalized what Konik and others insist is an essentially harmless substance. One that (with a more tolerant attitude toward legalization) could have very real medicinal, social and even taxable uses.” — Las Vegas Sun

“Reefer Gladness is a book that everyone can relate to. It is smart, funny, and honest, and appeals to readers of a wide demographic.” — Nug Magazine

“Thoughtful and persuasive, Konik’s style is sure to make the choir and skeptics alike gain a new thought. Reefer Gladness is a choice and solidly recommended read, not to be missed.” — Midwest Book Review

“This late-blossoming stoner has a potent voice that demands to be heard.” —


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The Smart Money: How the World’s Best Sports Bettors Beat the Bookies Out of Millions (2006)

“This fascinating inside look at the gambling biz reveals so much information that you woul