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Housekeeper Aspirations

When revolutionizing one’s consciousness, a useful question to ask is: Do I disapprove of rapacious greed and selfishness because it’s the root cause of our ongoing struggle to achieve social justice? Or am I just jealous? Most people find it noxious when White Men flaunt their wealth and privilege in the form of conspicuously consumed...

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Homey Prophet Speaks

Where you want to put it, fool? On the dark? All right. I’ll say it again: All right. All right. You know it’s gonna be all right. Everything is gonna be all right even when it’s not. Perfection includes imperfection. And that includes you, fool. So where you want to put it, my brother, My...

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Richmond Confidential

The nice folks at Chevron are attempting to buy another election in Northern California, spending millions to defeat a Proposition that would limit the amount of damage Big Oil can do to the environment. Illuminating coverage of the underhanded shenanigans can be found not in any of the area’s large newspapers but in a maverick...

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Revolutionary Words

“Revolutionary Words.” Sounds intriguing, and possibly…violent? Not that kind of revolution. We’re talking about the bloodless kind, the mind revolution, each individual looking deep and changing the one and only person he/she/we are able: ourselves, one at a time. “Revolutionary Words” are those that dare to speak the truth out loud. “Revolutionary Words” are those...

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Rob Greenfield’s “Goodfluence”

Rob Greenfield, 27, grew up in Northern Wisconsin planning to be a millionaire. He reasoned that having buckets of money bought one freedom. Eventually, he learned that the truth is precisely the opposite: money, acquisitiveness, and conspicuous consumption enslave us. Now, Greenfield lives a nearly moneyless life. His main food source? Dumpster diving. He’s dined...

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Honoring Our Laborers

As we make final preparations for the most solemn American holiday, Labor Day, our mind turns to ways that we, and perhaps all of us, can make Monday’s national celebration of workers into a perfect expression of how we all really feel about laborers. Vegas, baby! Disneyland? Another less exalted way of honoring those of...

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I Am

For anyone who suspects (or has figured out) that much of what is commonly understood to be The Truth About Life is actually a series of mistakes, lies, and fantasies, the film “I Am” is a powerful affirmation that we’re onto something. Director Tom Shadyac used to be Director: Tom Shadyac, the auteur of big-budget...

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Poem: If One Could Add the Entirety

If one could add the entirety of what we can see and what we can’t — the supplicant on a rant, the matter dark, unknowable, a bitterness that’s stowable – what we would have to examine are children wrenched by famine, a panoply of catastrophes, like man-made war, and disease.   We would also deign...

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Poem: The Difference

The difference ‘tween him and he appears at first randomly in mutations rare results unfair blessing him with ignorance cursing he with intelligence.     If a plan there be we fail to see what force of kindness manufactured blindess to that which pulses like the breast of pigeondoves and marmosets. The one who looks...

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Poem: The Most Marvelous Thought

The most marvelous thought occurred to me, an occurrence in and through the hollow reed we choose to be.   How preposterously inconsequential you are! Irreducibly irrelevant speck of cosmic flotsam.   Now! (Like the B&B lady in Sheepland). Somehow you feel better. Knowing this. Having this thought occur.