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Martin Luther King’s birthday is the same as mine, January 15th. According to several recent books, Dr. King was anything but the saintly leader his hagiographers would have us believe. He was, it seems, a complicated, flawed person. A human being. And he is worth remembering. King’s great and lasting legacy is that he helped...

The Dust of a Comet

The other night in Los Angeles, it was possible to see faintly the Leonid meteor showers with the naked eye. A bright gibbous moon made the show less spectacular than it will be tonight, on the 19th, when the moon will be on the wane. The light we saw shooting across the sky was thrilling...

Dividing the World into Two Neat Pieces

There are those who live for the day. There are those who live for an afterlife. There are those who believe in┬ácarpe diem. There are those who believe in the prospect of a better place. There are those who are alive. And there are those who are waiting to live. I can’t wait.