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Memorial Day Apology

Monday is Memorial Day. Automobile races and ball games happen, sure. But Memorial Day is mostly set aside for solemn remembrance of the brave heroes who lost (gave?) their lives to the United States military so the rest of us can enjoy all the benefits of being citizens of the greatest country on Earth. We...

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Poem: Hollow Reed

The 2015 MK Spring Poetry Festival, April 20-30   Now I’m a hollow reed through which the divine may flow unimpeded using my brain and body however needed to communicate the ineffable to ruminate on the unknowable and unguessable, Like why men fear the uterus. Like, who will teach and tutor us? Like ludicrously laughable lyrics...

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Poem: Invisible

The powerless feel invisible. A ghostly cipher jigs and shimmies, sending up flares, announcing the Annunciation.   The powerful seek invisibility. A malevolent cloud overhangs and shrouds, secreted in cracks, hidden from the light.   We evaporate and expectorate and obviate. No one sees everything.

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Poem: Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

We returned to each other, after a protracted absence of voluntary volubleness. We picked up the thread where it had been dropped, enmeshed in other narratives. The bicycle dance has not yet begun. The delectable debate over all that matters most or least will come. Maybe it has already begun without us talking heads fully...

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Poem: Facts

  These are not theories, conjecture, reckless reckoning, supposition, hyperbolic hypotheses crooked as a triangle untangled by Isosceles. These are facts. Yet many of us prefer to pretend instead that the precise contrary is not a fairy tale but a fairly stale debate over which the irrational fantastical religious folks can masturbate. So I shall spell...

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Forecasting the Near Future

We agree. It’s a shame that all the blibbety-blabble about nothing couldn’t be contained in a tweet. Or an overlong Facebook post, at least. Sorry. We should have just said, “Update: I’m great. Thanks for asking. Lots of cool things in the works. Stay tuned. More to come. Luv u guys.” Today, our first experiment...

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Compassion for the Cops

Everyone is all upset about the latest killing of an unarmed black man by a white police officer. This one was caught on video, so it’s going to be a little harder to explain to a jury why the shooting was justified, especially since the dead man was shot in the back as he fled....

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Female Problems

The playwright Aristophanes wrote a hit comedy called “Lysistrata.” It’s about all the women in Greece going on a sex strike until all the men agree to stop fighting the Peloponnesian wars. Frustrated husbands walk around onstage with painful erections. It’s funny stuff, if unrealistic. Such a sex strike could never really work. All the...

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Poem: Pimped Out Poetry Slam Five-Sided Story

This is not an insult. This is merely a minor reminder mainly meant to catapult adult minds toward new thinking instead of the usual repeated drinking of the poisoned Kool-Aid propagated by the war-machine cult. At least that’s the expected result!   This is not a jabbing joking jibe. This is not a fleet-footed treatise about...