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We Didn’t Know

If, like us, you don’t watch much television and, therefore, effectively shield yourself from the indignities of all the marketing/messaging/propaganda used to sell products and “lifestyles,” when you come face-to-face with the fire-breathing beast, your ignorance of Basic Ideas might take your breath away. It did ours. We were forced from our hermetically sealed cave...

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Century of the Self

Originally released in 2002, Adam Curtis’s “Century of the Self” was a four-part series on the BBC that examined how Sigmund Freud’s theories of human psychology have been employed (and refined) by the rich and powerful to control the dangerous impulses of the masses. Much of this dazzlingly entertaining yarn focuses on Freud’s nephew Edward...

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Poem: Fantasy Misunderstood

When you announced your sex fantasy to the world via a connecting platform, you didn’t know that George – or Brad, or whatever movie star you named – likes to do this certain thing with his saliva-coated thumb. Always. Finally, after all the imagining and the longing this gorgeous man finds you on your hands...

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Poem: Finding Harmony

He was the oil She was the water He swam through her ocean She laughed when he caught her Together they swirled yet somehow apart Through eternity   You know that the two Don’t naturally mix Connection was broken Space delaying the fix Mystery deeper each try a false start Finding harmony   Finding harmony...

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Poem: Breathe With Me

Breathe with me in and out together breathe what we lovers want more than boisterous coitus drowning in moistness although that’s quite perfect as far as perfection goes we can go deeper inside the loneliness where we breathe the solitude of one

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Sexy Olympics

Now that the kind and understanding Mullahs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei have consented to allow their nation’s second-class citizens to participate, the 2012 Olympic Games are the first ever in which every country’s team includes women. It’s about time. Some of us have a weird thing for chicks in chadors, especially when they’re shooting...

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Speak the Truth?

Apologies in advance if this gets all Orwellian right quickly. We try hard not to sound like a nut-job or Coast-to-Coast Radio conspiracy fetishist — is that redundant? — especially when examining the lengths some folks will go to control the lives of others, but this stuff is real, man. Old George – or, Mr....


Matters of Public Insertion

Aside from their protective utility, latex condoms aren’t anyone’s first choice for a sexual accoutrement. Claims to the efficacy of certain “ribbed for her pleasure” varieties notwithstanding, folks use them to prevent pregnancies and transmittable diseases, not because rubbers enhance sex. Sure, the old putting-it-on-with-your-mouth trick, redolent of European brothels and Asian massage parlors, has...

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Gays in the Military

Justice has been done! The U.S. Military’s pernicious ongoing discrimination against heterosexuals has been outlawed.  Now it’s all out in the open. Now straight people won’t be the only (majority) group permitted to suffer unimaginable indignities, grievous disfigurement and injuries, and painful death while protecting the business interests of those richer than they. Now straight...