We Didn’t Know

the good life

If, like us, you don’t watch much television and, therefore, effectively shield yourself from the indignities of all the marketing/messaging/propaganda used to sell products and “lifestyles,” when you come face-to-face with the fire-breathing beast, your ignorance of Basic Ideas might take your breath away.

It did ours. We were forced from our hermetically sealed cave not long ago in search of a small piece of hardware for an art project. While wandering through the Avenues of Commerce, we “watched” a little TV during a short wait for expert assistance. Seldom have we felt so stupid.

Like, we didn’t know that the surest way to earn a woman’s adoration, devotion, and abiding love – the kind of love that can be communicated with one radiant smile – is to present her with a sparkly pebble.

We didn’t know that the most comprehensive health crisis – pandemic levels, it seems — facing . . . → Read More: We Didn’t Know

Century of the Self


Originally released in 2002, Adam Curtis’s “Century of the Self” was a four-part series on the BBC that examined how Sigmund Freud’s theories of human psychology have been employed (and refined) by the rich and powerful to control the dangerous impulses of the masses. Much of this dazzlingly entertaining yarn focuses on Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays, the “father of public relations” and one of the earliest political consultants to apply advertising principles to elections and governance. Anna Freud, Wilhelm Reich, and other titans of 20th Century mind-manipulators make cameos. Throughout, Curtis makes a convincing case that our current state of hyper-narcissism and egocentrism is anything but an accident.

Poem: Fantasy Misunderstood

george by the pool

When you announced your sex fantasy to the world

via a connecting platform,

you didn’t know that George – or Brad, or whatever movie star you named – likes to do this certain thing

with his saliva-coated thumb.

Always. Finally, after all the imagining and the longing

this gorgeous man finds you on your hands and knees

with ass tilted up

and your spreading just beginning.

Corking the starfish they call it.

One of your fantasy men also likes forcing women to suck it deeper,

until gagging or tears.

And the other one likes urinating on his conquests.


Don’t they know you only wanted to love the beauty, the dazzling glow?

Don’t they know you abhor the grime? Don’t they

understand you want the ineffable tremble maker?

Poem: Finding Harmony

one version of harmony

He was the oil

She was the water

He swam through her ocean

She laughed when he caught her

Together they swirled yet somehow apart

Through eternity


You know that the two

Don’t naturally mix

Connection was broken

Space delaying the fix

Mystery deeper each try a false start

Finding harmony


Finding harmony

Finding harmony

Finding harmony

Blend it all together you got harmony

They needed a plan

They needed a change

They needed a weaver

To sing in their range

A stitcher of souls when science meets art

Bring on synergy


Add in a third


Call it addition

Of God’s adulation

That welcomes the new and draws a new chart



Oil and water

They never lost hope

Trusting believing

They discovered their soap

To bind them as one to make a new start

Finding harmony

Finding harmony

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Poem: The Silliest Most Comforting Thought

raison detre

How terribly awfully

blatantly and, one might emphasize,



to envision even for a frivolous moment

a world, or a set of circumstances,

alternating laws and chances,

in which wherein and also everything else you can dream,

human beings,


decide to make love

the reason for living.


Slilly thought yes.

Even sillier, giggly wiggly like

the tail of a pig **+*+**:

imagine, as the man said, imagine

this most preposterous fantasy:

the human race

entirely too busy making love

their reason for living

to waste lifetimes making hate.

Poem: Breathe With Me

tantra painting

Breathe with me

in and out together


what we lovers want

more than

boisterous coitus drowning in moistness

although that’s quite perfect

as far as perfection goes

we can go deeper

inside the loneliness

where we breathe

the solitude of one

Sexy Olympics

athlete butt

Now that the kind and understanding Mullahs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei have consented to allow their nation’s second-class citizens to participate, the 2012 Olympic Games are the first ever in which every country’s team includes women.

It’s about time. Some of us have a weird thing for chicks in chadors, especially when they’re shooting air rifles.

The Middle Easterners coming late to the international party have some legitimate concerns. Like marriage, another helpless victim under constant attack from destructive homosexuals, certain helpless institutions must be defended by various legislative Acts. Or athletic bans. Female modesty can’t be adequately protected by swimming suits, leotards, or form-fitting short-shorts.

Seriously. They can’t.

And they shouldn’t be. One of the compelling reasons to watch the Olympics is that most of the athletes, male and female, are beautiful. Their bodies, especially those that have . . . → Read More: Sexy Olympics

Speak the Truth?


Apologies in advance if this gets all Orwellian right quickly. We try hard not to sound like a nut-job or Coast-to-Coast Radio conspiracy fetishist — is that redundant? — especially when examining the lengths some folks will go to control the lives of others, but this stuff is real, man.

Old George – or, Mr. Eric Blair, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing – coined the term “doublespeak” to describe a fictional phenomenon in his novel 1984. But we repeat: this stuff is real, man.

What’s in among the dictatorial set? The new Hot Trend in authoritarianism is controlling the future by not permitting dangerous thoughts about the future.

The urge to purge cuts across demographic categories. The crazy Muslims are just as wacko as the crazy Christians, and it’s not just benighted foreigners doing the oppressing, it’s benighted domestics, too.

In Morocco, a . . . → Read More: Speak the Truth?

Matters of Public Insertion


Aside from their protective utility, latex condoms aren’t anyone’s first choice for a sexual accoutrement. Claims to the efficacy of certain “ribbed for her pleasure” varieties notwithstanding, folks use them to prevent pregnancies and transmittable diseases, not because rubbers enhance sex.

Sure, the old putting-it-on-with-your-mouth trick, redolent of European brothels and Asian massage parlors, has its charms, and, yes, condoms come in all sorts of interesting colors (and flavors). Still, those in a relationship that doesn’t require protection (e.g., sterile married couples) would almost never choose to include condoms in their sex life. Compared to “bareback,” condoms are a drag.

The Los Angeles City Council, whose serial acts of legerdemain and thinly concealed larceny could fill many books, has recently given its approval and support to a local ordinance mandating that those who would make adult movies in our city – an impulse which requires a . . . → Read More: Matters of Public Insertion

Gays in the Military


Justice has been done! The U.S. Military’s pernicious ongoing discrimination against heterosexuals has been outlawed.

Now it’s all out in the open. Now straight people won’t be the only (majority) group permitted to suffer unimaginable indignities, grievous disfigurement and injuries, and painful death while protecting the business interests of those richer than they. Now straight people won’t be the only victims of propaganda that makes war seem like a really cool video game. With the repeal of the noxious “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, now gays too may be conned into believing they are heroes for sacrificing their lives in overseas police actions that provide security for no one but arms manufacturers, oil producers, and corrupt tribal politicians.

Some of our more courageous Christian brothers and sisters — like the ones brave enough to stand up for God at military funerals, reminding the parents of . . . → Read More: Gays in the Military