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Advice to Self and Poets in General

When confronted with the immensity of the ocean crashing against La Jolla cliffs craggy like Ireland and the island of Islay refrain from attempting to describe the waves and sky and gulls and wind and salty spray as a poet might using nouns as verbs “the sea lips the shore” “the pelicans wing the coastline”...

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Free Life Coaching

Welcome to your free Life Coaching session. A little bit about me before we get to the more interesting subject of you: I’m “in recovery” from nothing. I have no substance abuse issues. Never been bankrupt. Never been arrested. Height-weight appropriate; free of any chronic physical ailments; all systems working properly. Regardless of external circumstances,...

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The Day After the Revolution

…and to conclude, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission makes the following findings and recommendations. + Capitalism has been an interesting experiment which has now ended. We must identify a better organizing principle than greed. + Those who have aspired to the crimes of the 1% — hoarding wealth — but never managed to acquire their...

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Mantra for Artists

Figure out the best thing you can share with the world. Then figure out the best way to share it. The road is long, so long that it never really ends at a final destination. Your job is to stay on the path. Authentic humility requires acknowledging that you are gifted and touched by the...

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Poem: Invisible

The powerless feel invisible. A ghostly cipher jigs and shimmies, sending up flares, announcing the Annunciation.   The powerful seek invisibility. A malevolent cloud overhangs and shrouds, secreted in cracks, hidden from the light.   We evaporate and expectorate and obviate. No one sees everything.

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Save the DHS!

Because of another political fracas between competing brands of The Money Party, your child’s life is at risk. And so are you. And so am I, which is why I’m terrified. Not terrorized, since, technically, no act of terror has yet occurred in my neighborhood of Los Angeles. But frightened. You should be, too. If...

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Revolutionary Words

“Revolutionary Words.” Sounds intriguing, and possibly…violent? Not that kind of revolution. We’re talking about the bloodless kind, the mind revolution, each individual looking deep and changing the one and only person he/she/we are able: ourselves, one at a time. “Revolutionary Words” are those that dare to speak the truth out loud. “Revolutionary Words” are those...

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The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

Slovene philosopher Slavoj Zizek is a charming public intellectual whose accented-English, absentminded nose-wiping, and obvious enthusiasm for Ideas make him a kind of ambassador of deep thinking. In the 2012 documentary “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology,” directed by Sophie Fiennes, Zizek delivers dazzling deconstructions of many popular films, showing how they function as instruments of...