Michael Konik http://michaelkonik.com Home of the Thought of the Day Wed, 25 May 2016 15:32:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Who Are You Trying to Become? http://michaelkonik.com/who-are-you-trying-to-become/ http://michaelkonik.com/who-are-you-trying-to-become/#respond Sun, 22 May 2016 17:12:47 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10169 young studentAll of us, on some level, are on a meandering journey headed in the general direction of self-discovery. We’re trying to answer the essential questions sentient beings have always asked: Where did I come from? Where am I going? Who am I?

For some of us, there’s another crucial inquiry: Who is the person I wish to become? A saint? A Titan? A leader? A friend to all? Who is the person I wish to become? What’s the best version of me?

Some folks wish devoutly to grow their bankroll. Some hope to grow their heart. Some want to rule the world; some wish to serve it.

Ask yourself: Who do I wish to become? If I could perfect myself while still retaining all the imperfections that make me human, what would my perfect self be like? Kinder or richer? More feared or more compassionate?

Once you have a clear picture of the person you wish to become, you can probably imagine the improvements you  want for your country, your society, your world.

Who you vote for in political contests announces to the world your answers to these crucial questions. Your vote reveals how you think about yourself and about your brothers and sisters.

So before you reflexively vote for someone based on less meaningful factors, without examining the ideology behind your decision, ask yourself once more: Who is the exalted soul I wish to become?

And then find the candidate whose vision of our country’s future most closely resembles your best self.


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Speechless http://michaelkonik.com/speechless/ http://michaelkonik.com/speechless/#respond Tue, 17 May 2016 15:50:56 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10145 Imagine giving a PowerPoint presentation to a large roomful of strangers. Imagine that you don’t know the subject of your presentation until you arrive onstage. Now, imagine that the slides in your presentation are random nonsense images that range from inscrutable to scandalous. What do you say? This is the premise of the sensationally entertaining improvised comedy show “Speechless.” At most performances, professional improvisers turn a whole lot of nothing into something hilarious. And once a night, an audience member is invited to try. We recently had a crack — and it was a thrill. “Speechless” tours internationally. See it. And then try it!

speechless powerpoint



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Idealism Lives http://michaelkonik.com/idealism-lives/ http://michaelkonik.com/idealism-lives/#comments Sun, 15 May 2016 14:17:33 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10150 crazy idealismCynicism is the easiest thing in the world. Being cynical takes no effort, merely apathetic resignation.

Idealism takes work. If cynicism is the gradual downhill slide to confirmation of your worst fears, idealism is the persistent trudge to the top.

Having high ideals while so many around you seem not to can be dispiriting. But don’t be fooled into thinking idealism is dead — or old-fashioned, or useless. Having high ideals is the first step in becoming a giant soul, a beautiful spirit. For without an intended path, a game plan, your life is a kind of unfolding accident. With a clear picture of your values — your ideals — your decisions and behaviors consistently reflect your deepest convictions.

We’re at one of those points in American History that seem to come around every 40-50 years: something big is happening. Our society is in the initial, uncertain stages of a comprehensive transformation. The pattern is predictable: First there’s profound fear of disturbing the status quo, and then eventually most everyone agrees changing the rules was a pretty good idea: as when women were granted the right to vote; as when Jim Crow was discredited and dismantled; as when homosexuals were permitted to wed. In each case, an utterly righteous and unimpeachable-in-hindsight point-of-view was, at the time, hotly contested and passionately resisted. Eventually, truth won out. Love trumped hate. Idealism survived.hombre_bernie_sanders_courage_02

The improbable and magnificent rise of Bernie Sanders to the top of our national consciousness is in some ways just as revolutionary. For once in our lifetime, we’ve found a leader whose ideals are almost as lofty as ours, someone who has been on the righteous side of history for his entire political career. Someone who never let anyone convince him that idealism is un-cool. Bernie’s idealism has required courage.

Encourage: to fill with courage. Encourage yourself. Encourage others.

When you consider which candidate for President most closely represents your values, your ideals, don’t be seduced by cynicism. That’s for the lazy. Allow your heart to swell with the possibility that We the People can realize our highest selves when we act on our highest ideals.

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An Open Letter to Friends of Runyon Canyon (FORC) http://michaelkonik.com/an-open-letter-to-friends-of-runyon-canyon-forc/ http://michaelkonik.com/an-open-letter-to-friends-of-runyon-canyon-forc/#comments Tue, 10 May 2016 16:00:05 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10123 Dear Friends of Runyon Canyon (FORC),

On behalf of your fellow Runyon Canyon friends, on behalf of the hundreds (thousands?) of citizens who have attended Emergency Meetings, who have called and written their Councilmember,Friends of Runyon Canyon Board of Directors who have been compelled to file a costly lawsuit to protect the park from your heavy construction, we ask you to do the righteous thing. On behalf of the enormous constituency who cares about Runyon Canyon as much as you do, we ask FORC to voluntarily terminate your Memo of Understanding (MOU) with the City.

It’s time for Friends of Runyon Canyon to step aside and let the healing begin.

We thank you, Friends, for your service. We genuinely appreciate the handsome new trash receptacles you’ve installed. We hope all of FORC’s Board Members, particularly the ones whose panoramic views you’re fighting to protect, will individually contribute to the preservation of the park by doing helpful things like picking up litter. But the Friends of Runyon Canyon organization has lost the trust and support of the community it wished to represent. Without credibility, you cannot lead. We ask FORC to withdraw voluntarily from Runyon Canyon.

What happened — and what didn’t happen — with your ill-conceived and badly executed plan to build a corporate-sponsored basketball court in the middle of the park (without an Environmental Impact Report, without genuine transparency) has been fully documented. And it reflects poorly on your judgment and integrity. Councilmember Ryu, who initially provided “positive support” for your efforts, called the process “a travesty.” Without recapitulating all that went horribly wrong with your stewardship, without cataloging the rapidly spreading legal trouble FORC’s covert actions have caused, let us all agree that nobody is happy with how things have turned out. Instead of uniting the community, you have divided it, pitting neighbors against neighbors.

lawsuit because of FORC

The facts of the situation are not in dispute. You have violated your MOU with the City. You have alienated and enraged long-time residents. You have triggered at least one lawsuit, and probably more. To stay in a management position at this point will lead to nothing but unpleasantness for everyone.  To continue would make Friends of Runyon Canyon a kind of occupying force (or FORC, if you prefer). An organization whose very legitimacy has been called into question cannot guide, they can only invade.

Please do not inspire further litigation. Please do find a great generosity of spirit in your heart. Please show your love for Runyon Canyon and your respect for the patrons of Runyon Canyon by graciously retiring from service.


Michael Konik, 24-year-resident of Vista Street and volunteer Runyon Park litter cleaner


Mayor Eric Garcetti

Councilmember David Ryu, CD4

Michael Shull, Department of Parks and Recreation




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Poem: To a Progressive Friend Frightened of Progress http://michaelkonik.com/poem-to-a-progressive-friend-frightened-of-progress/ http://michaelkonik.com/poem-to-a-progressive-friend-frightened-of-progress/#respond Sat, 07 May 2016 16:35:20 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10132 HIlary-vs-Bernie-Musicians-2015-BIllboard-650Your righteous race to accumulate

Good Karma

Requires making love

And opposing hate

This noble social justice quest cannot carve out exceptions

To the covenant

Between your values and yourself

You cannot advocate for the homeless

While cheerleading for the Wall Street Banks that put people out of homes

You cannot advocate for Peace

While funding the Machine of War

You cannot deplore Big Pharma and Bigger Oil

Then vote for their six-figure whore


Cognitive dissonance   Intuitive imprisonment   leathery logic

Repeat repeat repeat

I am a giant spirit with a giant heart

I am always learning

But ask yourself

How much healing can I bring to the world

If I loan my soul

To causers of harm

Bringers of sorrow


Yin needs Yang and dark needs light and balance needs balance

Change needs courage

And a constancy of purpose


Living consciously is a lifetime job permitting no vacations

For dismal moral vacillations

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Ehud Asherie’s “Shuffle Along” http://michaelkonik.com/ehud-asheries-shuffle-along/ http://michaelkonik.com/ehud-asheries-shuffle-along/#respond Tue, 03 May 2016 15:40:34 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10077 The Israeli-born, New York-based pianist Ehud Asherie is a mainstay of the mainstream modern jazz scene, a collaborator with some of the most respected musicians alive. His new solo recording, “Shuffle Along,” however, looks back — to 1921, when Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle’s all-Black Broadway musical premiered. Improvising on the show’s chewy melodies — think Fats Waller meets Art Tatum — Asherie demonstrates complete mastery of the difficult art of stride piano while swinging like crazy. And it all sounds effortless. This is delicious, delightful music that seems simultaneously ancient and current. It grooves. It pulses. And, yes, it shuffles along, beautifully.


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Defending Runyon Canyon: Why FORC Must Go http://michaelkonik.com/defending-runyon-canyon-why-forc-must-go/ http://michaelkonik.com/defending-runyon-canyon-why-forc-must-go/#comments Wed, 27 Apr 2016 15:46:45 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10080 no forcIf you want to lead the people, you must learn how to follow them.”   ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

The disturbing story of how a group of politically-connected opportunists calling themselves “Friends of Runyon Canyon” (FORC) almost succeeded in hijacking one of Los Angeles’s greatest natural treasures will eventually come to a happy ending. To restore public trust, Councilmember David E. Ryu, in whose District 4 Runyon is located, must dissolve the flawed Memo of Understanding between the City and FORC, removing them from any position of authority over Runyon Canyon. If not, he’ll face another reputation-ruining inquiry from aggrieved constituents. His phone number: 213-473-7004.

The FORC agreement, which was approved with no meaningful public oversight, was a suspect deal made by Ryu’s predecessor, Tom LaBonge. We’re betting Councilmember Ryu acts in the best interests of the voters, thereby preserving some chance of serving out his term and getting re-ryu likes his jobelected. It’s time for him to thank FORC for their service and ask them to exit Runyon Canyon gracefully, without costly litigation.

Since their secret basketball court scheme was exposed, the damage to FORC’s standing in the Runyon Canyon community has been comprehensive and irreparable. Advocacy organizations can’t guide a community that doesn’t support them; when false leaders persist, it’s called “dictatorship.” Eventually, the people revolt.

No matter what outreach activities they promise in the future, no matter how many times in their press releases they use nice words like “inclusiveness,” no matter how much they pledge that your opinion is important to them, it’s in everyone’s best interest for FORC to step aside and leave Runyon Canyon alone.

After repeatedly violating the terms of their public service and betraying the community, FORC will never be trusted.

subtly-blending-in-with-nature-300x300FORC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, incorporated in 2014, allegedly in the business of preserving and protecting Runyon Canyon. In the best tradition of Orwellian doublespeak, they claim to be “against commercialization of the park,” yet their first major act – after erecting a 14-foot vinyl banner memorializing their sovereign reign — was to usher in a heavy construction project, in the middle of a nature area, featuring the phallic logo of a corporate sponsor whose owner is a FORC board member. The project was kept quiet and scheduled to be completed while the park was closed for unrelated water main repairs. In direct violation of their MOU with the City, FORC failed to notify the public through the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council; an Environmental Impact Report was not performed; a Sound Study was not performed; a lawsuit was filed by outraged residents; on April 21, Councilmember Ryu, who called the process a “travesty,” asked the Department of Parks and Recreation (RAP) to immediately halt construction and reconsider the prior approval wrongly granted to this destructive and probably illegal project.

FORC can no longer fulfill their stated mission to fund-raise for Runyon Canyon. Why would anyone donate to an organization that has desecrationdemonstrated contempt for transparency and due process? Who would give money to a group that disrespects an environmentally-sensitive local treasure? Who will financially support a group that’s shown nothing but obliviousness to the concerns of local stakeholders? And nesting owls?

FORC can no longer fulfill their stated mission to “obtain consensus” among stakeholders. They are unwanted. FORC has no moral authority. FORC has no special expertise. FORC has no credibility. They’ve destroyed the public’s confidence in them; the taint of illegitimacy surrounds their work. Indeed, FORC is widely reviled by the constituents they represent, save for those who have bought into the power structure. According to Chip Proser, a resident of the neighborhood for more than 30 years, joining FORC isn’t cheap. “I happened to attend an early fund-raising meeting,” Proser said. “It was strongly suggested that, in order to join the Friends, we should all donate a minimum of $15,000 and commit to a like sum on a yearly basis.”

Multiple sources tell us the asking price is down to $5,000, and falling.

forc land2Their current campaign to buy $10 million+ worth of land to “save the West Trail” is a political red herring, and Councilmember Ryu’s name is on the preliminary approval for FORC’s land grab. (Prediction: big trouble ahead.) Should mansions be built on the ridge in question, it would have minimal impact on park users, most of whom would never notice the eyesore. Significant impact, however, would be felt by Ms. Julie Anderson, whose spectacular view down the canyon from 2451 Solar Drive would be obstructed. Ms. Anderson is a FORC board member.

No official has yet explained why the City, represented by RAP’s Vicki Israel and Joel Alvarez, entered into discussions with FORC three months before the City had an agreement with the recently incorporated group. What makes FORC worth all the trouble and unrest they’ve caused in District 4? For one, their President, John Gile, is a fundraiser for politicians and exudes the attractive aroma of campaign donations. He comes from a world where hypocrites like Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, a Gile client, simultaneously cry poor for our public parks while refurbishing their District 13 field office at a cost of $375,000, using public funds slated for “community redevelopment.”FORC Land

David Ryu’s political brand, he asserts, is built on a higher standard. “For too long discretionary funds have been treated as a Councilmember’s personal ‘slush fund’ with their uses closely guarded and protected by City Hall insiders,” Ryu said during his campaign.

Now he has a marvelous opportunity to honor his intentions and fix the large problem for which he provided “positive support.” Ryu has never explained how and why he supported the basketball court, and until he does those questions will haunt him. But after relieving FORC of their duties, Ryu can make everything all better by using money from his swollen discretionary account — more than $1 million — to repair and reinforce the allegedly “hazardous” retaining wall and then return to nature the destruction already caused by FORC and RAP’s bulldozers. It shouldn’t cost more than $100,000 – especially if, unlike the sweetheart basketball deal, competitive bids are sought.

RYU before the taint of bad associationsThen, using another $500-or-so from his fund, Ryu can buy t-shirts for an all-volunteer corps dedicated to picking up trash. Unlike FORC, this group will be committed to park preservation, not public-private partnership. They will not seek corporate sponsorship for Runyon Canyon. They will not hire their friends to produce expensive “vision plans.” Unlike FORC, they will never, not for a second, suggest that a parking lot could possibly be built in the yoga meadow, or anywhere else in Runyon. They will not unilaterally appropriate the information kiosks. They will not desecrate the splendor of nature with self-congratulatory banners.

Allowing FORC to retain any power whatsoever in Runyon Canyon will lead to ongoing protests, acts of vandalism and a bitter sense of Us vs. Them. This divisive energy doesn’t belong in a public nature area that has long been a sanctuary for the collective We. The honorable and righteous move at this point is for FORC to resign and let the healing begin. Until then, the rift will grow deeper and more virulent, and additional political careers will be ruined.

Call Councilmember David Ryu: 213-473-7004



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Preventing and Defeating Depression, in Five Easy Steps http://michaelkonik.com/preventing-and-defeating-depression-in-five-easy-steps/ http://michaelkonik.com/preventing-and-defeating-depression-in-five-easy-steps/#comments Sun, 24 Apr 2016 15:15:02 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10072 hands up over headAll of us get down occasionally. We all get the blues.

For some, it’s worse. The darkness never seems to brighten. Moroseness, hopelessness and inertia set in, rooting us ever deeper in a self-made hole. This is commonly known as depression, and the medical industry has an expensive and fleetingly successful solution for the illness. Legal drug dealers – doctors – prescribe powerful chemicals to alter our brains, to allow us to “function” despite a persistent feeling of sadness shrouding even the happiest days.

What if you could alter your brain chemistry without taking a pill? And not by smoking cannabis.

What if the “cure” to depression involved doing things instead of ingesting things?

We might not be able to vaccinate ourselves against depression, but we can certainly prevent the onset of depression. Here’s how. As part of a conscious daily practice, not necessarily in any order, do all five of these activities:

1) SING. Out loud. Loud enough to make your body vibrate.

2) DANCE. Like no one is watching. Use every part of your soul-transporting body. This often can be combined with Step #1.make love to nature

3) CREATE. Make something. A painting, a flower bed, a pie, a stranger smile. Anything. Add to the world. Be something more than a mere consumer.

4) RISE. Put your hands above your head, reaching toward the sky. Let your sternum rise to the sun. Grow, don’t shrink. Repeat throughout the day.

5) MAKE LOVE. To another person. To yourself. To the world. Make love.

Now, go be happy.

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Eating Animals http://michaelkonik.com/eating-animals-2/ http://michaelkonik.com/eating-animals-2/#respond Tue, 19 Apr 2016 15:59:32 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10045 Seven years after original publication, “Eating Animals,” by the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, remains unmatched in providing a provocative, comprehensive and deeply affecting portrait of the carnivore’s dilemma. Employing writing techniques gleaned from memoir, investigative journalism, philosophy, science and editorial essay, Foer systematically and compellingly builds his argument — that there is no moral rationale (or immoral one, for that matter) that justifies the pain and suffering our human appetites cause other living creatures. Whether you are a vegan or a hardcore beef-eater, this book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to be fully conscious about what’s going in her mouth.

eating animals cover

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Bernie Sanders Will Be the Next President http://michaelkonik.com/bernie-sanders-president/ http://michaelkonik.com/bernie-sanders-president/#comments Sun, 17 Apr 2016 13:48:08 +0000 http://michaelkonik.com/?p=10051 Bernie SandersIn poker, when you bet as though you have a winning hand even though you don’t – that’s a classic bluff. But when you also have chances to improve your presently weak hand into a strong one later – that’s a semi-bluff.

The Hillary Clinton campaign, in concert with their partners in the corporate media – and partners in the Banking, Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries, and just about every other special interest with a PAC – the establishment has been running a nicely constructed semi-bluff on the American electorate. It nearly worked. They’ve been telling voters that their dangerous opponent Bernie Sanders, the one who plays the game very differently, simply can’t win. No matter his progressive stance on the issues, no matter his refreshing policy prescriptions, no matter his scathing critique of the corrupt campaign funding system – ignore all that, they’ve been telling us. He can’t win. For months, otherwise intelligent and educated people, even comedians with their own podcast, were repeating the comforting mantra. “He can’t win.” I like a lot of what Bernie Sanders stands for, but he can’t win. Sigh.

From a game-playing perspective, Team Clinton, zombie messengers included, managed their poker hand beautifully. They tried to take down the pot early with a show of strength that looked and sounded convincing, and they almost got away with their clever ruse — just like it almost worked against Barack Obama in 2008, when Clinton was the presumptive nominee. Remember? Obama couldn’t win, either.

Now they’ve been caught bluffing. In fact, Sanders has won nearly half the contested primaries, and eight of the last nine, mostly by landslide margins. Clearly, the naysayers were fibbing,bernie voters because it’s obvious that Bernie can win the nomination. (Whomever wins the nomination will almost certainly win the general election, since the Republicans have effectively alienated everyone who didn’t vote for them in 2012 and can’t find enough angry white guys to make up the difference.) Of course, the Clinton camp, demoralized and uninspired though it may be, could still draw good cards and figure out some way to win the pot. They have “outs.” But once the revolutionary Sanders snowball began rolling down the hill, gaining mass and building momentum, rolling over the forceful yet flimsy objections of the corporate class, the scheme was fully exposed. Clinton and cronies were caught holding nothing but a convincing act. And now they must hope to get lucky.

But here’s why we think they won’t: Snowballs seldom roll uphill.

We’re not real good at math, and we can’t keep all the complicated delegate arithmetic straight. But we do know this: When the bluff was revealed, an enormous number of fence-sitters were inspired and catalyzed. They understood that they had been told yet another focus-group-tested lie. Once they got over their initial resentment at being manipulated, as usual, American voters realized that since Sanders could actually win there was no longer any barrier to embracing their core values, the issues that matter most to the regular folks who will never attend a $2,700-a-plate fundraiser. The candidate who stands for them could win and is winning and will continue to win. Even while everyone says he can’t.

he can't winThe sleeping giant of disaffected and disgusted citizens who don’t vote has been awakened. Millions who have sworn off elections finally have a candidate they can be proud of and genuinely enthusiastic about, someone genuinely different. Never has voting felt so exciting; seldom has a candidate given voice to so many regular Americans unspoken for in Washington. We know it’s a long-shot, but there’s a measurable chance (5-10% perhaps) that Hillary Clinton will not earn any additional primary victories, and if she does they will be by coin-flip margins.

Voters everywhere are beginning to realize that Bernie Sanders is the future and Hillary Clinton is the past. A vote for Clinton leads to more of the usual Washington corruption and inequity, to a world of Super PAC’s and secret donors, where all Americans are anything but equal. A vote for Sanders is an affirmation of bold and righteous ideas, including the assertion that America must treat climate change with the same urgency as we have our disastrous Middle Eastern wars. If you were a Victorian novelist, you couldn’t draw a starker contrast between characters running for the same office: While Bernie Sanders was meeting with Pope Francis to discuss a moral economy, Clinton was holding fundraisers in Hong Kong (where no primaries are currently scheduled) and Hollywood ($353,000 to chat with Madame Secretary) where max-limit donors in the financial sector could make a down payment on access to power. The average contribution to her campaign is more than $50,000. Bernie’s is $27, and he’s received support from more than 2 million individuals making 7 million contributions. Voters are increasingly understanding that someone like Clinton, the super-rich courtier of the super-rich dukes and duchesses who manipulate our society — someone like that is truly is not qualified to lead a new government for and by the people.

Bernie Sanders is the candidate who represents the widest demographic swath of our great republic, the one whose values are most sympatheticallybernie-sanders-strike-washington-dc-pope-francis aligned with the majority of voters who can’t (and wouldn’t) attend campaign bundling events sponsored by Goldman Sachs executives. When you ask Sanders supporters which of his policy positions they’re most excited and passionate about, they usually have a long list of social justice concerns – single-payer healthcare, genuinely public education, income inequality, climate change, military spending, marijuana decriminalization — and will talk your ear off. When you ask Clinton supporters which of her positions they’re most passionate about, you get answers like she’s so experienced, she’s so smart, she understands how the government really works. Right. All true. But which of her positions are you passionate about?

Her willingness to let the Wall Street banks write their own regulations? Her unwillingness to share publicly the wisdom she shares privately with those same Wall Street banks when she speaks to them, at $200,000+ per speech? Her willingness to export and expand fracking technology globally? Her unwillingness to call for a nationwide $15-an-hour minimum wage? Are you passionate about her ongoing pride in “working hard” to help her husband Bill cut support for poor people and call it “welfare reform”? The way the regime change she pushed for in Iraq and Libya has turned out? The War on Drugs, a slow-motion genocide waged largely against people of color? Are you passionate about her job-destroying and corporation-enriching trade deals?

The reason Bernie Sanders can win is because the people have decided he can. The People. Not the oligarchs. Not their compliant bag-carriers in the Democratic Party. Not the media, which haven’t a shred of credibility, except among those who prefer their entertainment programs to masquerade as news. The People, the body politic – including the women and blacks that our beloved Founding Fathers didn’t think deserved a vote. When all of us stand together, We the People form our own benevolent corporation, and we’re instantly the biggest conglomerate in the world, with even more power than Google, Chevron or JPMorganChase. That’s what’s happening now in every region of America, and it’s a thrill to observe. It’s even more thrilling to participate. We hope you’ll join us.

bernie rallyPressure has been steadily building. The cork is very near to popping. If and when Bernie Sanders does the impossible (impossible because independents in New York aren’t allowed to participate in primaries) and wins in New York, Clinton’s adopted “home” state, the unclothed Empress will be seen for what she truly is: a highly competent rich person unfit to lead a political revolution.

Bernie Sanders is that leader. He’s shown tremendous bravery and courage in speaking truth to power. For decades. He’s been on the righteous side of history his entire career, from marching with Martin Luther King to picketing Verizon. Who else but this free-speaking Jew has spoken compassionately about the plight of Palestinians? He’s the rare politician who is utterly authentic and whose principles cannot be bought. The DNC can pull whatever money strings they wish, and CNN can report the facts or not, but they can’t stop tens-of-thousands from showing up for Bernie Sanders everywhere he appears, and they can’t stop those highly motivated citizens from voting. (That would be the GOP’s area of expertise.)

So allow us to attempt a semi-bluff of our own. [We might not be a lock as of this writing, but don’t be surprised if we drag the pot at the end of the hand.] Here’s what we think: It’s not technically over until the convention, but this race is over. Bernie Sanders will be the next President of the United States.


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