Saying Grace, by Richard Brooks

Saying Grace, by Richard Brooks

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  1. would like to know how much this picture is worth

  2. Bill Hare says:

    barbara….. i would also like to know. i have a framed vintage print of this as well as a matching vintage print of Old Women Praying. i think they are 2 of my personal favorites. if i learn anything i will post info. bill hare

  3. Julie Adams says:

    My son found the picture at a local flea market. Price was $2.50. I know they are worth more than that.

  4. Toni Gaffney says:

    I have the woman saying grace. I am sure it is not worth a lot but would be interested to know. I bought it about 42 years ago at a store.

  5. G. Kirouac says:

    I recently purchased a painting on wood 12×16 and the work looks like it is done on canvas atta16ched to wood by Richard Brooks for $6.00 at a thrift store here in Nova Scotia it intrigued me, the signature looks very authentic as does the art work called Saying Grace which I looked up here on internet there is nothing on the back of the art work but as I said the signature is Richard Brooks signature as I have checked all other of his paintings and it looks genuine if anyone knows anything of this painting I would appreciate input Thank You for any information on this.

  6. Sheila Johnson says:

    I’m interested in buying a copy of this picture

  7. Heather Privett says:

    I would interested in buying your lady saying grace print. My grandma gave me the man version and I would love to have the set.

  8. Bernadette says:

    Is there any way to find out what the value is of this? I just bought it at a thrift store for $5. It is not on canvas is attached to cardboard.

  9. Denise says:

    I have Both the man And woman version when I got them there where already Framed have had them for 20 plus years was wondering how much they where worth.

  10. I bought the male version yesterday at a thrift store for $5.00 it’s framed and has a mat. I can tell that sun light never got to it, it’s so vivid to be so old. I can’t find what it’s worth and it’s so nice that I know it’s value is way more than I paid. If anyone knows the worth, please let me know. Thank you

  11. Robin Wallen says:

    I have both the old man & woman saying grace by Richard Brooks .Would like to know the worth.

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