Poem: I Learned Today

I learned today

Several important things about the world

Let’s count that as an epic win

While we weep

If ignorance is bliss, then knowing must be something else entirely

That was not one of the things

I learned today


smiling francisI learned today

The Pope from Argentina

The one with the nice smile

This Pope considers Father Junipero Serra a worthy candidate for sainthood

The architect of the Mission System in California

Serra, I learned today, was actually a protector and defender of the native community he converted

Not an oppressor

Who flogged and imprisoned heathens until they were saved

I learned today that this same Pope

And the Stockholm Syndrome acolytes who celebrate Junipero Serra’s legacy

This poverty conscious man of the people Pope

Declares that men should not marry men and women should not marry women and women still

In 2015, women should not be entrusted with leadership roles in the Catholic Church

Possibly because someone with a uterus might know more about female reproductive rights

Than a repressed homosexual who has never seen a vagina

Let alone buried his face in one

What the Vaticanese do understand better than most is their highly practiced specialty


I learned today

The heavy burden of pain and grief all the Pope’s Bishops have had to bear

Shifting rapists from one infected diocese to a fresh field prepared for sowing

The immensity of responsibility, I learned today, must mitigate their culpability somehow

Because not one

Not a single Bishop

Who oversaw the child sex ring run for decades out of a palace in Rome

Not one of these enablers has been defrocked, demoted, disciplined or denounced

Compassion contains ethereal magic

I learned today


james_cartwright criminal targetI learned today

A 5-star General in the United States Marine Corps was always faithful

To his patrons

James E. Cartwright is his name and former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was his title

And none of those facts matter much compared to the heroism this brave warrior exhibited

When asked to fight for a $2.7 billion blimp radar program called JLENS

Manufactured by a company called Raytheon, which has paid the General $828,000 since 2012

When he retired from overseeing Raytheon and five months later joined Raytheon’s board

The JLENS radar program is a notorious failure

Many sought to kill

Failing to understand

A military program that creates jobs in eight states for hundreds of idle hands Is money well spent

And so is money spent on cooperative former Generals

I learned today


I learned today the Olympian arrogance

Instilled in me at the moment of my personhood

(Exactly when that was seems to be the crux of the debate or the best red herring, either way)

To think

I could make the world a better place by some measurable degree

Writing poems of quiet rage

howlerHowling coyote-like at an omnipresent moon of mendacity

Smiling down on us charismatically

Always condemned to be a reflection of someone else’s light

Cataloguing cruelty and venality, I learned today, is one of the nicest ways

To delude yourself into believing

What powerful charlatans represent is a delusional mistake

Dreamed by dangerous fools

Who wish to control

An uncontrollable universe

If ignorance is bliss, then knowing must be something else entirely

Better altogether to gather together

Dancing in the garden

Singing rhapsodies to the honeybees

And worms

The lowliest among us shall be the testers of our transcendent humanity

I learned today

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