Poem: Instead of Telling

What's AheadLet me show you my gift.

Telling has been discouraged.

If it hadn’t, I would be telling you that I can see into the future, years ahead.

Instead I shall show you my alleged gift, and I’ll hope, as I always do when I remember, that what I share will be useful to you.

I don’t know how that could be, but it’s worth imagining.

Ready steady, Freddy?

Good! It’s all good.

(That was my first subtle demonstration. The second is coming up next).

When you can dream with your eyes wide and the light pouring in and God everywhere –

and yet still however

the magic screen you possess, the one that’s like everyone else’s magic screen

in no way whatsoever – that one! — projects a storypoem

of startling clarity and prescience you’ll one day discover and confirm…

Then you’re me. Hello! Welcome. We’re seeing together.

And maybe now you’re understanding what’s coming for all of us, including

those that want and those that need.

To breed to talk to spread to bed – noble acts indeed.

Move along. Keep moving. Show’s over, folks.

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