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Making Deals With the Enemy

How low has the United States of America sunk? We’re in the process of negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran. Yes, negotiating, like, talking with. Iran. Yes, that Iran. The country that once held Americans hostage. The country that fought against Saddam Hussein back when we liked him. The country that arms Hezbollah and Hamas....

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An Experiment in Kindness

From July 3-12, at a converted Filipino-American community center in Los Angeles, we created a space where everyone could connect with the better angels of our nature. We created a space of Namaste – where you are at your best and I am at my best. We created a place where every person who walked...

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The Day After the Revolution

…and to conclude, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission makes the following findings and recommendations. + Capitalism has been an interesting experiment which has now ended. We must identify a better organizing principle than greed. + Those who have aspired to the crimes of the 1% — hoarding wealth — but never managed to acquire their...

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Memorial Day Apology

Monday is Memorial Day. Automobile races and ball games happen, sure. But Memorial Day is mostly set aside for solemn remembrance of the brave heroes who lost (gave?) their lives to the United States military so the rest of us can enjoy all the benefits of being citizens of the greatest country on Earth. We...

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Mantra for Artists

Figure out the best thing you can share with the world. Then figure out the best way to share it. The road is long, so long that it never really ends at a final destination. Your job is to stay on the path. Authentic humility requires acknowledging that you are gifted and touched by the...

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Leadership Litmus Test for White Boys Who R Considering Voting for Hillary When the Rainbow Coalition Isn’t Enuf

Some of our more famously progressive friends — those who self-identify as conscious, liberal, rights-minded pacifists, including “smartest man in the world” comedian Greg Proops – are presently in a political pickle. They’ve pre-declared themselves as Soldiers for Hillary, despite so many stains upon her record you might be persuaded that she was a key...

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Poem: Hollow Reed

The 2015 MK Spring Poetry Festival, April 20-30   Now I’m a hollow reed through which the divine may flow unimpeded using my brain and body however needed to communicate the ineffable to ruminate on the unknowable and unguessable, Like why men fear the uterus. Like, who will teach and tutor us? Like ludicrously laughable lyrics...

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Poem: Invisible

The powerless feel invisible. A ghostly cipher jigs and shimmies, sending up flares, announcing the Annunciation.   The powerful seek invisibility. A malevolent cloud overhangs and shrouds, secreted in cracks, hidden from the light.   We evaporate and expectorate and obviate. No one sees everything.