A Secret I’ve Been Keeping

Most of the people I’ve not met who recognize my name “know” me as a book writer, or as that guy who used to be on television blabbering about poker. A smaller subset might know me as the producer and proprietor of jazz records, or even as a former jazz vocalist. 

Those are all cool associations. But none of them fully address what it is I really aspire to be.

For a several years I’ve had a secret. In a few weeks it will be completely out, a matter of the cultural record, and I’ll no longer be able to hide the truth: What I enjoy doing most is writing lyrics to music.

It comes naturally and easily to me, with none of the labor or anxiety one associates with the blocked and tortured artist. I don’t mean that writing lyrics is easy, exactly. I mean that composing rhythmic, rhyming couplets and stanzas is fun. I feel “in my element,” to use a pop-psychology term. I feel engaged, present, alive. Sometimes when I’m writing lyrics, treacly as it sounds, I feel as though my entire life up to this point has led me to this task. I’m specially designed for it.

On the new Charmaine Clamor album coming out soon, an album I produced, six of the tracks feature my original lyrics set to music by the composers Bo Razon, Mon David, and (here’s another secret) Michael Konik. Soon I’ll be hearing my words on the radio, and quoted in magazines, and sung live onstage. Soon my private passion will be public.

For a free song from the album and a sneak preview of what I hope to be doing for the next few years, go here: http://www.charmaineclamor.com/promo.php

Please enjoy. I sure do.

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