A Puzzling Conundrum We Invite You to Solve

When a metropolis wishes to attract a professional sports team to their precincts, the City (obstensibly with the blessing of a majority of voters) offers the team owner attractive financial incentives. These enticements often include newly built stadiums (with copious luxury boxes available for rental) and substantial tax breaks. Does this situation best exemplify…? 

1) American Free Market Capitalism

2) European Style Socialism

3) South American Style Oligarchism

4) Anarchy

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Konik says:

    Still wondering…

  2. LB's Friend says:

    Answer: Redistribution of wealth to the people who really need it, billionaires. Hey, as long as America is addicted to sports and spectacles we’ll keep throwing money at our dealers even if they’ve got plenty of it already. So I guess it’s none of your 4 choices. It’s #5: Pitiful.

  3. Cletus says:

    Nice! Does anyone know more about this than you?

  4. Bish says:

    I’m a smiling visitant here to share the love (: btw great design.