A Royal Reminder

A Better Class of HumanThe recent nuptials of one of Britain’s crown princes to a commoner — yes, commoner without quote marks; this is the official style — taught a useful lesson, one that we learn early on and need to be reminded of with periodic regularity: some folks truly are better than others.

No matter how kindly we spin it, the fact is that royals are royal because unlike less exalted people they’ve got all the trappings of, well, royalty, including fancy titles, immense land holdings, unfathomable monetary wealth, and snazzy uniforms. They deserve our intense fascination. Especially when they rescue an unroyal person from the indignity of commonness and make the schoolgirl’s fantasy of being a princess bride actually come true.

How the royal family came to be a royal family way back in a simpler time, when peasants had proper respect for their violent landlords, is a complicated and messy story that’s a bit like sausage. You enjoy looking at the ostentatious displays of wealth, but you’re probably better off if you’re unaware of what’s inside the casing.

So huzzah and hurrah for kings and queens, princes and princesses, and all the fine ladies and gentlemen who might one day be them. May they live long and prosper. In the meantime, we indistinguishable plebes can continue to hold out hope that one of our tribe — and, therefore, somehow all of us — shall be royally screwed.

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