A State of Vocational Bliss

My favorite uncle, and an inspiring man to hundreds who know him, was sworn in recently by the Governor of Massachusetts as an Associate Justice of the Boston Municipal Court. The speechmaking and ceremonial pronouncements (and the catered luncheon) were all very nice, and all who know the new Judge levitated slightly with familial and collegial pride. 

What was nicest, and most inspiring, was seeing a dear friend arriving at something like a vocational state of bliss. 

Aside from an elite few who are blessed (or cursed, depending on your viewpoint) with a dowry that allows them to avoid work, all of us must toil at jobs that provide the money to buy the things we need and want (or are seduced into wanting). Few of us, though, find work that simultaneously satisfies our desires and exploits our most developed talents. It is the rare soul who can honestly say he would do his job for free, that there is nothing in the world he would rather do than go to work every day. That kind of fulfillment is a kind of nirvana, which we imagine only rock stars and Presidents enjoy.

How inspiring — and how heartening — to see a man I love arrive at this exalted state. My uncle has read and thought widely. He’s a philosophical soul with a deep sense of community and social justice. Fairness matters to him. Being a judge in a municipal court, where the heartaches and misunderstandings of everyday life are meant to be settled, is a perfect match of his temperament and skills with a meaningful job.

I’m ecstatic for him. And I’m inspired to see further proof that it really is possible in this life to get what you want.

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