A Very Short Thought About Labor

Pieter_bruegel_il_giovane,_estate_02We live in an oligarchy and call it “democracy.” We organize ourselves in a gaffed system of corrupted socialism and call it “free market capitalism.” We send poorly educated victims overseas to die for our war-making industry and call them “heroes.” So it probably should come as no surprise that one day a year we “celebrate” Labor while doing all we can to avoid paying laborers a righteous wage the rest of the year.

Almost all of us are enslaved, on some level, by the create-consume-dispose paradigm. Let us emancipate ourselves — and our brothers and sisters who labor much harder and for far less — from this foul state by remembering that the greatest work we can perform is that which serves the divine spirit coursing through every human being, and every other creature and object on this miracle of the galaxy. When Labor receives the respect and rewards it deserves, we’ll need no once-a-year holiday to excuse our daily depredations.



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