An Important Question for Those Who Believe in the Concept of Making (and Keeping) America Great Again

Prior to the 2016 election, when was America truly great? What year(s)?

Answering in the comment section will help us all understand the kind of country ya’ll want us to to be.

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4 Responses

  1. Overviper says:

    America has been truly great for most of its history. It is still great in spite of the legions of unpatriotic morons who think that America is “The Great Satan” and responsible for all of the world’s ills. The proof of this are the hundreds of thousands and indeed, millions trying to get in here…whether legally or by any other means.

    America is the most diverse country on the face of the earth. Period. End of story. It provides the most economic opportunity across the social spectrum of any country in history. Is America perfect? No. Have we made mistakes? Yes. But those who would disparage the gift that a bunch of old white guys gave to us in the late 1700’s should really re-adjust their thinking. They can easily do this by going to live under any other political system in the world that they think is better.

    All the other “Democratic” countries in the world essentially derive their systems from us, and because of that, are able to provide similar lifestyles. I would suggest that people who are unsatisfied here go live in Venezuela and see how well their concept of a “workers paradise’ really works when the government takes charge of the economy “for the people”. There is just as much disparity of wealth…with the very rich and the very poor, except that there is much less overall wealth to go around.

    Poor people in America have flat screen TV’s, the internet, mobile phones, etc. In other words, a poor American would be considered wealthy in most other places in the world. But that doesn’t stop all the people who have been indoctrinated by decades of college professors trying to undermine what we have and what we have built. Our young people are taught economics by people who have never had a job except in academia, are taught political science by people who have never run for or held office, are taught about “diversity” by people who want to limit thought and ideas to those they agree with.

    The polarity we see in politics today is symptomatic of a media that will do anything it takes to gain eyeballs for their content. They have no mandate to tell us the truth anymore. Indeed, their only mandate is to sell advertising. They have discovered (both right and left) that there is a built in market for content that speaks to the confirmation bias of its audience. The more attention we pay to it, the more it becomes impossible to have rational conversations about anything. Emotions trump facts. Feelings are more important than mathematics. Pictures of children in cages become the answer to a very complex immigration crisis, and no discussion of how to enforce whatever laws might be made to address the issue becomes possible.

    The strength of America is, in fact, its diversity…but that fact requires that diverse peoples pull together for the common good. The last time this happened was World War 2….and today it is unlikely that this country could even fight that kind of war again, even if our very survival was at stake. The lesson that history teaches us over and over again is that once a country is weakened from without or within, there are a ready supply of people who will move in and take over. The cultural identity politics being practiced today almost insure that this will come to pass, as this trend seems to be getting worse, not better.

    What we are witnessing is the decline of the Roman Empire, hurried along by those who, for whatever reason, do not see the big picture. They like to describe themselves as passengers on the Titanic, but seem to not understand that they will go down with the ship. If you do not feel very lucky to count yourself as an American, please…do us all a favor and give up your stake in this country to a couple of immigrants who really want to be here, work here, assimilate here, build a future here, and make a contribution here. If you do, you will have my gratitude…and you will not be missed.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. The question remains unanswered: What years — exact dates, please — was America great (prior to the 2016 election; when it became great “again”)? — mk

  3. Bambi Anderson says:

    Overviper…I agree that the strength in America is it’s diversity, and that the only way to deal with the steady decline of the nation is to bring those diversities together for the common good. I also agree that political polarity is symptomatic of a media devoid of any real desire but to gain eyes and ears for profit,(among other things) and unfortunately most people are in a kind of media induced catatonia.(is that a word..I like it) It’s your statement about “The decline of the Roman Empire, hurried along by those who, for “for whatever reason”…etc. That jumped out at me…. Taking a magnifying glass to that is what you might consider.
    Examining why this is all happening, and working through that, is (I believe) the way to begin unraveling the tangle that we find ourselves in at this moment. We need to look at our history and see the damage that has been done as a result of extreme inequality. Take a close look at the origin and foundation of something like slavery, and what drove those southerners to fight to the death to uphold that Conferderacy. Look at the period of reconstruction and what came of that promise to black people afterwards. Look at the Jim Crow south, look at the war on drugs, look at the prison industrial complex, stop and frisk. This is part of our American legacy! This is a legacy of a country built on the backs of those who had no part in it for a very long time, where many still have not completely caught up. This is what we have not looked at… together. Those old white men writing that constitution… who were they writing it for? Who reaped the benefits of all those opportunities it spoke of? This is a nation living with the trauma of that legacy, and it’s finally coming to a head. That’s what the current “old white men” mean(and too many young ones) when they say “Make America Great Again”!!! We need to start the healing of America my friend. It’s the only way we can truly move forward in the spirit of true diversity.

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