An Inspiring Friend

My dearest friend, my wife, is in Africa at the moment, enjoying what we shall delicately refer to as a birthday of significance.

Having gone through this getting older thing, I know that it’s easy to get caught up in mathematics – fractions, mostly – figuring what’s gone and what remains. When you arrive at a certain age (the number is different for every individual) the tendency is to note the wrinkles and the sags, the opportunities squandered and chances untaken. The time that’s slipped away while you weren’t paying attention.

This dark stock-taking, though, is counterbalanced by the dawning realization that you’ve done so much, lived so much, and that, secretly and without trying, you’ve become wise.

I see my best friend as someone who has accomplished and achieved, someone who has taught and inspired, someone who has wrung more out of her life than most people think is allowed. But I don’t see her settling for the impressive c.v. she’s compiled. I envision the next decades being whatever she wants them to be. Because my friend is one of the rare people who realized before it was too late that one really can be and do whatever she wants.

I believe in her. I love her. And I admire her. Which makes me about the happiest fellow around, because it’s me of all people who gets to spend this birthday with her on an adventure, on our adventure, the one we make up as we go along.

Happy Birthday, to Mrs. Konik!

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3 Responses

  1. Mrs. K says:

    It is me who is “the happiest fellow” around because of you and our life we made and continue to make together.

  2. Charmed says:

    I am the luckiest gal on earth!

  3. Beverley Church Hogan says:

    Dearest Dearest Loved Ones,

    I can honestly say that the one woman on this planet who truly “gets it” about life, aging, loving, relationships,& above all, solutions, is my beautiful, and most adored friend , Charmaine ! I have admired her since I first saw her during her Solo Moment at the Catalina Club! I knew she had “passionate fire in her belly” that would excel your expectations, Michael! 🙂

    She sweeps me away with every ounce of respect in this body & mind I am trying to keep together … 🙂 with much success, I might add ! Each decade we enter must be cherished, treasured, and prepared for . Each moment lived !

    Again, Happy Birthday, My Friend .. May this year have you soaring with the new album about to come out …

    May this wonderful, and devoted Husband of yours, Michael Konik , be in your corner for all the days of your life .. His love for you is solid !
    His feet lift off the ground when he is around you ! So beautiful to see!

    Lovely piece reflecting about Charmaine, strength, and Aging , Michael ! She so gets it ! You get it ! I am living it ! 🙂

    It makes me so happy to see a couple like the both of you who are so aware and have become “aware of their awareness!” .. Very rewarding & fulfilling to finally get to that point ! This does not happen often !

    I love the both of you so much..

    Blessing to the both of you.. Enjoy this moment in time with each other.

    Sending you both Tender Love,