An Open Letter to the @RealJamesWoods

Dear Mr. Woods,

I’m a fan on Twitter. You’re one of the smartest people I know and, coincidentally, I agree with just about everything you say — especially when you give voice to deep conservative outrage and anger. That’s how I feel, too!  I do my best to share your knowledge and wisdom with friends and family living in ignorance. It’s sad, really. They think I’m “gullible.” Of course, it’s the other way around. Most of them are pathetically deluded.

One of the major lessons you’ve taught me is that mainstream media — aka, “lamestream media” —  consistently lies, spreading vicious fabrications meant to propagate a false (liberal) narrative. They are the source of all our Fake News. Hearing the Truth requires listening to completely reliable reporters such as yourself and the citizen journalists of QAnon and 4Chan. Whenever I try to explain this simple concept to my “progressive” friends, they slander you as a disseminator of debunked nonsense, not a purveyor of the Way Things Really Are.

Don’t worry: I defend you passionately. These people are sheep; they don’t know any better. You, sir, are an independent critical thinker; you do know better. Which is why I find you credible.

Not long ago, you tweeted (with hilarious commentary) a meme showing how much low-wage working people would suffer under the Bernie Sanders Medicare-for-All plan. I shared it with my network, including a Bernie Bro buddy who can’t face reality.

James Woods
For those who can do simple arithmetic, here are some fun numbers on Bernie Sanders’ harebrained socialist schemes: 
You pointed out that the 52% tax rate Bernie plans on applying to those earning $30,000 a year would leave many working people toiling for $7-and-change an hour. You concluded that the math just doesn’t add up.

As usual, you were right! It doesn’t add up. (I’m one of those folks who actually can do simple arithmetic.) So I decided to see how Crazy Bernie was trying to justify this oppressive plan.

When I did my research — my own independent research, not merely what was claimed in a meme — I found a whole bunch of “fact-checking” sites that unequivocally dismissed the 52% tax rate on working people as a complete and utter falsehood. In other words, fake news.

You can familiarize yourself with accurate figures in this corrected version of your meme. The 52% rate would only be applied to people earning more than $10 million; everyone else would pay less. Come to think of it, if you or I had used our common sense, we would have immediately been skeptical of any alleged proposal hurting working families coming from a candidate who desperately needs working families to vote for him. But you have credibility. I trusted you implicitly.

Having read your sage commentary for some time now, I know that is itself 110% fake news and that QAnon is %1000 real, so the fact that Snopes declared your meme a lie proved to me that what you wrote is actually true. But then I looked at four other fact-check sites that, to the best of my knowledge, are not owned by George Soros. They, too, claimed your meme was patently false. I know how these slippery libtards work, so this revelation only strengthened my conviction that you were telling the truth and the fact-check sites were part of a massive cover-up. Mr. Woods, you and some of the other strong voices in our movement have taught me that whenever something we (or our President) say turns out to be untrue, the best practice is to attack the debunker, not the actual substance of their claim. So I got to work on research; I badly wanted to prove once and for all that you, sir, can be trusted categorically and the fact-checkers cannot.

I pored over the transcript of the debate at which Bernie allegedly said what you told me he said. I read everything on his Website. I scoured the Internet for speeches, interviews and policy papers. Nowhere could I find what you claimed. In fact — and it gives me no pleasure in reporting this — I couldn’t find anything anywhere that proves your claim. Indeed, I’ve amassed concrete evidence to disprove it.

Now, I don’t want to call you a liar, Mr. Woods, because I know you respect the Truth as much as me. But what do you call spreading fake news?

I call it irresponsible. (You’ve used similar words, and harsher, to describe the practice). Let’s assume you just didn’t know any better this one time. Let’s say this was the first and only time you’ve shared with followers a falsehood masquerading as true. Let’s agree that the lamestream media does this kind of thing 24 hours-a-day and you only do it, well, rarely.

But, Mr. Woods, there’s a big difference between you and our enemies. They’re lowlifes. You have principles. You have scruples. You know when you’ve told a lie, and you know what that does to a person’s credibility. Which is why I’m hoping you’ll tweet an apology and a correction, and maybe an explanation for why spreading fake news is, in certain cases, totally forgivable.

Then I can return to sharing your posts without worrying if they’re true.

with appreciation of your leadership and fine sense of morals,

An Observer in Los Angeles


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3 Responses

  1. Overviper says:

    The same media that you claim not to trust is the media you use to disprove Mr. Woods. You seem to have blocked my comments, but such is social media these days – why should you be different? But maybe you can think about this…All of what Bernie says or didn’t say, or claims in his plans….it all amounts to the same thing: There is no such thing as “Free”. Someone pays for it…every time. The only questions are: Who? and How?

    His claim that he will “Tax the rich” is great as far as it goes. I have no love for Jeff Bezos or hedge fund zillionaires…but there are just not enough rich people to pay for all of Bernie’s plans. So the burden will fall (as usual) on the middle class. How many people do you think make 10 million per year to pay that 52% tax you claim he’s talking about? You think 10 thousand people make that much in America? I doubt it, but maybe…that still only amounts to 50 billion dollars…a huge shortfall to the trillions his plans will cost.

    Here’s how I think of Socialism…you may not agree….

    If I see a homeless person on the street and I give them a dollar, that person has a dollar in their pocket. If the government has to tax me to get that dollar, by the time the homeless person gets it, maybe they have a nickel…more likely 3 cents…We can see this happening right now in our city’s inept attempt at dealing with our homeless crisis.

    All of Bernie’s plans require there to be huge layers of new bureaucracies imposed over the distribution of any monies collected as revenues. Add in the inevitable requirements for cultural identity politics, diversity administrators, environmental impact studies and the inevitable lawsuits that go along with them…and possibly you may start to see what we’ll really be in for.

    The minions of young people who are so excited about his campaign, are, I believe, really excited about getting free stuff. It isn’t more complicated than that. I myself just voted for him in the California primary for only one reason…Bernie is, IMHO the only Democrat (other than Tusli Gabbard – who the party is treating very badly) who has integrity. He has held his positions on issues for many years and has been very consistent. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be massively wrong about everything and that he knows how to get things done or make things work…

    Right now, we have a great economy. There are more jobs than people to do them and that pushes wages up as a natural result of supply and demand. Bernie does not want to build on this…he wants to take it down. I think he has a chance of becoming president….but just be careful of what you wish for. Jimmy Woods is a little smarter than you (he’s smarter than almost anyone, which is obvious if you’ve ever spoken to him), and he has a position on Bernie. Maybe the figures he used reflect the real math when you include all the ancillary costs associated with his agenda. Maybe you didn’t think of that in your zeal to crucify him.

  2. Somecanadianguy says:

    “The minions of young people who are so excited about his campaign, are, I believe, really excited about getting free stuff. It isn’t more complicated than that. “

    100% agreed – especially If a bunch of people got “free” healthcare to the point where they actually proactively went to get regular checkups and could
    Literally avoid going into bankruptcy which in the end either puts them in the street (paved for free magically) Or bailed out (free but for a bad credit rating) … free is free anyhow but much more exciting in the other examples where people become homeless or bankrupt … I mean life is all about challenges isn’t it?

    Fk that commie bullsht keep free where it belongs – with the ones that allow others like yourself whose generosity gives their loose dolla’ bills to the homeless bums who better feel grateful you even share the same streets with them to even allow them to beg … rock on brother … fk them socialists

  3. MatthewGow says:

    He still hasn’t posted a retraction. I guess James Woods doesn’t waste his time with your stupid little blog.