Anything’s Possible

Zabala_Eduardo_Court_Jester_playing_Bowls_1868-largeAnything’s possible. And that’s what’s so great about being alive at this particularly time in human history, when we’ve advanced so far beyond our ancestors that their antiquated ways of thinking seem mildly pathetic and our fresh, new ways of thinking are bravely innovative.

Evolution has brought us far from our monkey origins. Now we have resolutely modern ideas.

In 2015, you can be a Black man and run for President of the United States! And propose in all seriousness that Muslims ought not to serve in our country’s leadership.

In 2015, you can be a reality TV court jester and run for President of the United States! And propose in all seriousness that our nation’s core problem is immigrants.

In 2015, you can be one of America’s greatest allies in the Middle East without having anything of substance to offer, like oil! And propose in all seriousness that preemptively bombing Iran will be best for everyone.

Saying so won’t result in banishment from the kingdom, or approbation of any kind. We’re over all that “politically correct” nonsense of the recent past. Now, no position is too outlandish or avant garde. These are breathless times we live in. Things happen quickly, including the formation of groundbreaking methods for creating clever ideas. Sure, youfools everywhere could be a cynic and say all these new ways of thinking are just tired old ideologies spiffily repackaged. But look at it the fun way: Guys like Carson and Trump and Netanyahu are way more entertaining than Hitler ever was.

If you yourself would like to get with the zeitgeist, begin making outlandish pronouncements that have no basis in fact. (It’s worked wonders for Carly Fiorina.) Since we’re living in an age of Endless Possibilities, most folks don’t have time to read, let alone fact-check what’s coming out of a televised mouth. You’ll be fine.

And if no one pays attention to you, if you don’t get the love and adoration and admiration and respect you deserve and require and are entitled to – well, then you could always buy yourself a gun.

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