Everybody is angry at the Gulf oil spill. Everybody is angry at BP. As an expression of that rage, and to punish the callous corporation for its carelessness, calls are circulating to boycott the company for a day, or a week or forever.

 Boycotting BP would be mildly amusing, if utterly irrelevant. But anyone who is seriously considering “voting with the wallet” might consider a different target for his boycott: The family car.

If we really want to make a difference, if we really want to make sure something as horrible as the Gulf spill never happens again, we need to stop driving our automobiles. We need to make bicycles and feet and public conveyances the center of our lives, not cars. We need to use less oil.

Soon there won’t be any left. Let’s hope before that apocalyptic day comes we don’t suffer more environmental disasters (although it’s almost a mathematical certainty that we will). Let’s hope that we’ll still have potable water and arable land. Let’s hope the growing scarcity of resources won’t inspire even more violence and cruelty than our vicious species already promulgates.

Let’s boycott our cars. Let’s boycott ourselves.

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