Fanboy alert! We’re developing a platonic man-crush on the smart, eloquent, adorable commentators at the Chess24 site, where players from around the globe congregate for online matches, breaking chess news — yes, there is such a thing — and analysis of the day’s top games. The core stable of erudite talkers includes three Grandmasters (the Russian champion Peter Svidler, the German champion Jan Gustafsson, and the enormously entertaining Spaniard Pepe Cuenca) and two chappies from England, the International Master Lawrence Trent, and an amateur Expert (a rating of 2000+) who goes by the handle “Kingscrusher.” All of them have charming accents, beautiful vocabularies, and an endearing absence of showbiz polish. And all of them explain chess in terms that a mere amateur can understand. We watch, we listen, we learn. And smile.


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