Compassion for the Cops

Still image from video allegedly shows police officer shooting man in the back in North CharlestonEveryone is all upset about the latest killing of an unarmed black man by a white police officer. This one was caught on video, so it’s going to be a little harder to explain to a jury why the shooting was justified, especially since the dead man was shot in the back as he fled. But most of us understand that there had to be some threatening illegality the footage didn’t capture, a moment of terror for the frightened officer that will illustrate clearly why this terribly unfortunate incident was actually a justifiable use of force.

Isn’t is always?

Same sort of deal in San Bernardino, where a news helicopter caught 11 sheriff deputies kicking and punching a man laying prone on the ground, with his hands behind his back, in a posture of complete surrender. It looks pretty bad. But the “victim” in this case happens to be white. So you know he must have actually donegood cops doing a hard job something to deserve the beating.

We hope all the indignant complainers out there remember that Police officers are known as Our Finest for a reason. They uphold the laws and traffic regulations that make our country great (and provide a convenient excuse to detain future criminals of color). They keep our precious children safe and secure. They serve and protect. It says so right on their patrol cars.

Police officers (and firefighters and soldiers) are the best people our society can produce. It’s a shame they’re not paid as much as the President of the United States, because in some ways they’re more important and relevant in our daily lives. But that’s the way it is for heroes: they often don’t get the recognition and respect they deserve until they’re not around anymore. For all the windbags whining about police officers around America using excessive force, especially when in the vicinity of hard-to-see-at-night-people-who-wear-hoodies, who are you going to call when armed intruders target your family’s house for a home invasion and rapefest? Your friend from the NRA or an officer of the local constabulary?

wilson-rally-2Exactly. We all love to criticize the cops, but deep down we understand what a difficult job it must be to deal with the criminal element all day long. Frankly, if you follow the rules and abide the laws, well, then, you really ought not come in contact with police officers much. It’s those who just can’t seem to cooperate who seem to have the most run-ins with law enforcement. So maybe the problem isn’t trigger-happy racist bullies. Maybe the problem is the poorly behaved.

This is all to say that we need to give the brave men and women of law enforcement a giant break. It’s an incredibly heavy responsibility to be allowed to carry weapons to kill people with. We need police officers to know that we support them and we trust them to make impeccable decisions with their firearms, because that’s what training and good moral character are all about.

We shouldn’t be protesting police brutality. We should be giving police officers a big thumbs-up and a “attaboy.” They need our encouragement. Because they’re the only thing standing between us and the cold-blooded killers.

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  1. Chris Zambon says:

    Life has a lot of gray areas, those pesky colors that can’t be defined in black and white.