Confessions of a Luxury Hotel Concierge

For more than 15 years, she’s worked behind the Concierge Desk at several of the finest hotels in Los Angeles. Sabrina [her name has been changed at her request] will get you anything (well, almost anything) you want, because that’s her job, and she does it well. Securing dinner reservations at “fully booked” restaurants, hiring limos and helicopters, scoring courtside Lakers seats – that’s easy, everyday stuff. Thanks to tailored suits that accentuate her pictorial-worthy figure and a spectacular talent for on-the-job flirting, Sabrina enjoys intimate access to the rich, famous, and needy. She talked with about the challenges and rewards of performing “guest services” at the highest level.

The Hip-Hop Mogul was staying with us, in two cabanas, one for him and another for his associates, two other well-known recording industry types, who asked me to help them find some “party favors” – the kind you can snort. Mr. HHM had stayed with us before, and I had made some arrangements for him previously, and he always tipped very, very well. You know, a hundred dollars for making a dinner reservation. So I thought, “Sure. Why not?”

I called the one friend of mine I knew would for sure be well supplied, and I explained the situation. Unfortunately, my friend didn’t want to deal to anyone he didn’t know personally, even if I was the hookup. I said, “Did you not hear me? It’s HHM. He’s in from New York. He’s staying at our hotel. And he wants to party. Get your ass over here!”

Less than an hour later my friend was hanging with HHM. In his cabana. With a bunch of music video girls. Best night of his life.

No, I wasn’t invited – and even if I was, I would never party with a guest on hotel property. Number One Rule: Do not fuck the guests…at your workplace. Very unprofessional. Have I had affairs with guests, with people I’ve met through work? Of course. Including the Senator Who Is No Longer a Senator, and no longer married. But never ever at the hotel.

Luxury hotels are sexy places. I mean, they’re full of big soft beds. What do you think is going on in there? I’ve been asked to find “entertainment,” “companionship,” a “hot date,” and all the euphemisms. Very few people approach a concierge and say, “I need a blowjob. Can you get that for me?” The fact is I can, if that’s what you’re looking for. You want the best sushi in town and five-dozen long-stem pink roses with that? I’m your girl.

The Sheik was closely related to the owner of the place I worked, and like most of our Arab guests, when he was away from home none of the rules applied. The last time the Sheik was here, my VP of Food & Beverage told me he ran up a $60,000 room service tab. That’s a lot of Cristal and caviar! From me he wanted young girls, no older than 22. Lots of them. Five, six at a time. A variety. Asian, Latina, All-American – he wanted one of each. Tipped me $500, and I imagine the girls got a lot more, even though two of them told me all he wanted them to do was play Wii golf in their panties.

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