Deluded Warriors

whose propaganda is it anywayIsn’t it hilarious how those crazy Islamic terrorists brainwash young recruits, transforming them from disillusioned urchins with no hope of bettering their miserable life into heartless suicide bombers doing “God’s work”? The boys are promised martyrdom and dozens of virgin lovers waiting for them in the hereafter. By killing as many of the enemy as possible when they explode, the pitifully bamboozled jihadis believe that they’re leaving this world better than they found it.

Ridiculous isn’t it?

Conversely, it’s not ridiculous at all to tell similar stories to our brave boys in uniform. The bad guys are dishonorable. Our good guys are honorable – and it’s an unmatched honor to serve your country, whether it propaganda_shutmouthcosts a leg or a life. You can’t call it brainwashing or propaganda when what you’re feeding your youngsters is the unvarnished truth. That’s why most of us can say we “support the troops” with a straight face. That’s how guarding oil fields and killing strangers in a strange land can be called heroism. When you’re fighting for freedom – and not just yours but the whole nation’s – the end justifies all means, including death, dismemberment and permanent disability (mental, physical and otherwise).

So give yourself a hand when the B2 bomber flies over your football stadium. Give the courageous boys (and girls) in active military a crisp salute when you pass them in the airport, you on your way to the regional sales conference, they on their way to a distant and dangerous place, where they will kill or be killed. Thank them profusely for defending our magnificent way of life.

Or, if you think maybe our country has been telling the same kind of lies about our military as the Bearded Enemy tells their dupes, you could humbly apologize.

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