Demoting a Hero

marines relieving themselves on the enemyThis is no joke. This is an outrage.

One of our real American heroes, Sgt. Robert W. Richards, a Marine sniper, pleaded guilty to “dereliction of duty” and “conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline.” He was demoted to corporal. Lower pay. Fewer stripes.

At least he was permitted to keep his retirement health benefits.

His “crime”? He was filmed in full combat gear urinating on the corpses of three Afghani Taliban insurgents, declaring “have a nice day, buddy,” while tinkling. A 39-second video of the incident circulated on the Internet, where, predictably, peace and love types called for Sgt. Richards to be kicked out of the armed services. Now they’re livid that one of our courageous heroes “only” got demoted.

What have we become, America? Must we always be offering the world apologies for our behavior? Richards is no criminal. He’s a brave warrior who keeps us safe from bearded men in pajamas. And this is how we thank him for his service?

By demoting him for peeing? On dead bodies?Medal of honor for honorable men

We should be promoting him. We should throw him a parade.

Soldiers like Richards are trained and paid (modestly) to kill bad guys for us. Shoot them, bomb them. Whatever. When they achieve the goal – murdering non-Americans – we should let them celebrate, like an end zone touchdown dance. In your face, Taliban!

Pacifists claim that videos of micturation upon a dead terrorist serve as recruiting tools for jihadi organizations. They say it’s “disrespectful.” Well, of course it is! That’s the whole point. These people need to know that we don’t respect them. We don’t respect their way of life. We don’t respect their religion. And we sure as Saddam don’t respect their obstinate refusal to do as we say.

Killers like Sgt. – whoops — corporal Richards deserve a good old-fashioned five-star salute, not persecution. Every team needs an enforcer, an intimidator. What’s scarier to the enemy? A corps filled with kind compassionate weaklings or an entire army of barbarians eager to urinate on their conquests?

Semper fi, soldier.

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