Edward Snowden: Hero

snowden-truthEdward Snowden has been portrayed as a traitor, a hater of American Values, an endangerer of our brave boys and girls in uniform (and out), a tool of our enemies, a treasonous criminal. Viewed through a foggy lens clouded by fear-based ideology, the charges sound vaguely sensible, like most lies do. He did, after all, share State Secrets with Wikileaks.

That those secrets included unauthorized domestic surveillance programs — as well as incontrovertible proof that James Clapper, the director of the NSA, lied under oath to Congress — infuriated many powerful people accustomed to operating under a set of standards built-to-suit their whims. Authoritarian anger, however, can’t erase the truth: they behaved un-constitutionally and illegally. It is they who are treasonous. It is they who are insane.

Thank you, Edward Snowden, for telling the truth. For sharing the truth.

Will Barack Obama redeem his dismal record on transparency and “pardon” Snowden before making way for a President more likely to call for drone strikes againstpardonsnowden-org Snowden’s Moscow apartment? We suspect not. But let’s be clear: in the eyes of millions, Edward Snowden is a hero.

Edward Snowden is intelligent, eloquent, reasonable, humble and brave. He is a patriot, a defender of democracy. Edward Snowden is a hero. But don’t take our word for it. Please watch his most recent live interview with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter: https://www.periscope.tv/PardonSnowden/1vOxwgnXeYLxB?t=38

As our republic enters a new era of unchecked oligarchy in which the rich and powerful write the rules of the game as they please, let’s remember that Edward Snowden told us. He warned us.

Let us pray he doesn’t die for us.


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