Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth-Warren-TimeLiberal acquaintances who support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton – friend of Wall Street, friend of the Private Prison industry, friend of the War Machine – admit that they’re much more enthusiastic about voting for the maverick progressive muckraker from Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren. Unfortunately, she’s not running for President.

Actually, she kind of is – under the name Bernie Sanders. Look at their positions on all the issues, side-by-side. Their stances are almost identical.

Now imagine a Warren vs. Clinton primary. Which candidate has earned the support of voters concerned with Income Inequality, Student Debt, and Dwindling Opportunity? Warren.

Which one voted to invade Iraq? Clinton.

Which candidate stands for the rights of regular people and which one is a lifelong bag-carrier for the rich?

Yet, given the opportunity to vote for Warren-with-a-penis (Sanders), or for Clinton, the Free Trade cheerleader who “worked hard” to help pass Welfare “Reform” [i.e., gutting of benefits for poor people], who gives private speeches to Goldman Sachs in exchange for fees equal to the combined annual salary of five schoolteachers, whose list of corporate friends (Wal-Mart, Tyson) includes some of the most pernicious anti-union scoundrels in the country – many avowed liberals say they still prefer Clinton to Sanders.progressive covers

The power of symbolism is not lost on us. Electing (and re-electing) a person of color as our President has changed America for the better. Eight years of the Obama Administration has taught hopeful Americans, young and old, that mixed-race politicians can serve as corporate hood ornaments and inveterate war-makers just as reliably as whiteys.

Electing a woman to lead our country would be a potent symbol and permanent historical marker. Many good things will come from having a female President, not the least of which is that we’ll have unmitigated proof: in our version of democracy it’s truly possible for a woman to be in charge – even when women in general continue to suffer constant and comprehensive discrimination at the hands of otherwise nice men.

But if you genuinely care about liberal values, about the issues, not the sexuality, Clinton, whose record of Republicanism-lite won’t go away, is not right woman for the job. Elizabeth Warren is.

This year she just happens to be a balding Jew from Brooklyn.

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