Emergency Meeting: The Future of Runyon Canyon

HollywoodHillsWestNC-headerBecause of overwhelming public outcry over the construction of a corporate-sponsored basketball court in the middle of a wilderness area, a secretive deal arranged by Friends of Runyon Canyon (FORC), the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, the advisory board that oversees Council District 4 and Runyon Canyon Park, is convening a special town hall meeting. The hastily scheduled but long overdue hearing will be on MONDAY, April 4, 6:30PM-9:30PM at the Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library, 7140 W. Sunset Boulevard,90046. Phone: (323) 876-2741.

The public is welcomed and encouraged to address the Board and ask questions of the elected and appointed officials who serve them. That will include Joel Alvarez and Vicki Israel, managers at the Department of Parks & Recreation (RAP) who signed off on the construction, and Councilmember David Ryu, whose office has given “positive support” to development inside Runyon Canyon. No doubt Ryu will be able to explain what that means — and why he and his colleagues at RAP didn’t think an environmental impact study was necessary in the middle of a nature area.

And maybe someone will be able to explain why this meeting is happening now, instead of in 2014, when the deal was conceived?

Slated for Demolition

Slated for Demolition

It will be a game-time attendance decision, we reckon, for the folks from Pink+Dolphin, the generous basketball court donors, since the collegiate championship of the game they so love will be played concurrent with the meeting about their logo deal. Tough call.

FORC always insists that it’s merely acting on the will of the people, that the organization enjoys broad support for their costly and controversial projects. (A parking lot. A cafe.) Maybe that’s true. This meeting will certainly help clarify where the public stands.

Speaking of standing, we suggest arriving early if you want a chair. A large crowd is expected.



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