Forecasting the Near Future

forecasterWe agree. It’s a shame that all the blibbety-blabble about nothing couldn’t be contained in a tweet. Or an overlong Facebook post, at least. Sorry. We should have just said, “Update: I’m great. Thanks for asking. Lots of cool things in the works. Stay tuned. More to come. Luv u guys.”

Today, our first experiment in serial publishing comes to an end. A combination of enough folks who wanted the whole book and enough folks enjoyed the chapter-a-week format has encouraged me to do it again. More on that later. For now, THANK YOU for reading “Making It.” I’m glad I could share it.

Starting tomorrow, Monday, April 20, we commence the  Springtime MK Poetry Festival. I’ll share a new poem every day between April 20-30.

On Tuesday, April 21, in my performance alter ego MK Punky, I’ll be serving as the “sacrificial calibration poet” for the big DPL Qualifying Slam Finals.poetry slam Six talented finalists are competing for spots on the team that goes to Nationals, and the judges need someone to calibrate their scoring against. I’m honored to be that guy for my poetic brothers and sisters.

rw8 finalI continue to host “Revolutionary Words: A Social Justice Open Mic” every other week at Elderberries, in Hollywood. Next one is April 26.

May 1, we’ll be launching a new video series called “Burnin’ One with MK Punky.” We’ll release them periodically throughout the month.

Later in May I’ll be workshopping my new one-man theatrical spectacular directed by Utkarsh Ambudkar and called “MK Punky’s Better Angels.” If you’d like to attend a free performance, please email through the Contact form.

The one-hour show will make its official debut on July 4 (Saturday) as part of “The Better Angels Festival Los Angeles,” a two-week celebration of healingcc tba through art and consciousness I’m curating with my collaborator and wife Charmaine Clamor. Her astonishing recording “The Better Angels” is the soundtrack for the video art and dance and spoken word and everything else. The location, soon to be announced, will be a retail pop-up store that sells nothing. We’re all seeing how much we can share. Daytime will be healing arts and therapy. Nighttime will be performing arts. I hope one day you’ll join us.

In September, I’ll be releasing my new book “The Termite Squad.” It will be shared on a chapter-a-week basis, but you’ll also be able to download an e-copy or acquire a softbound book. More to come, I hope. — MK

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