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Discovery_SessionWelcome to your free Life Coaching session.

A little bit about me before we get to the more interesting subject of you: I’m “in recovery” from nothing. I have no substance abuse issues. Never been bankrupt. Never been arrested. Height-weight appropriate; free of any chronic physical ailments; all systems working properly. Regardless of external circumstances, good or bad, I think being alive is something like miraculous.

So, yeah, by some definitions you could call me a success.

Let me emphasize, I have no certification or credentials. I’m an independent practitioner un-aligned with any of the fine institutions that grant licenses in Life Coaching, Weight-Loss Coaching, Career Coaching and all the other areas where people receive coaching. My work is not based on Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra or Anthony Robbins. I have my own methodology developed over decades of practical application and considerable tweaking.

My practice is built around a few simple ideas that you might call core principles. Follow them and you will be on the path to a happy and fulfilling

Every day ask yourself at least once, Why do I believe what I believe?

Consume less; create more.

To achieve contentment, align and unify your thoughts, words and actions.

Make love, not war.

Understand that “the meaning of life” is figuring out how to give your life meaning.

There you go. That’s it. Really, you just got the crux of my Life Coaching course. If it sounds like the last bit of wisdom is saying “you’re the only person who can truly coach your life,” then maybe now you can understand why these free sessions I’ve been doing haven’t translated into ongoing business. Why I don’t have many clients in my Life Coaching practice.

Probably for the best.


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  1. Its always good to be reminded but guess we are on the right track. The art life has a lot of intangibles doesn’t it?