Freedom for Security: Let’s Trade!

Freedom from everythingWe’re like every other patriotic American: when our beloved country is under attack, as it is at this very moment and every other moment of every day, we’re delighted to sacrifice our constitutional rights.

Whatever gets the job done, that’s our view. And if beating Islamic terrorists means being spied upon by our own government, well, then, sign us up. In the grand scheme of things – freedom versus a good night’s sleep undisturbed by Al Qaeda worries – it’s not a close call. It’s a bargain.

What else can we give up in exchange for peace of mind? Whatever it is, we’ll trade.

We didn’t know it for the past seven years, but we’ve already turned over our phone and Internet records to the National Security Agency, and look what happened! We were keptHow May I connect you safe from bearded jihadis. So now what can we turn over to keep us safe from American-born, 2nd Amendment entitled, AR-15-toting movie theater shooters?

Our banking records? Sure. If that means no more kindergarten massacres, it’s a deal!

What can we give up in exchange for safety from drones? Foreign and domestic drones, the ones with missiles that kill American citizens (but mostly Pakistani civilians)? Our thoughts we share quite openly with the world, through this World Wide Web thing. But if you – and by “you” we mean whatever investigative service is now monitoring this essay – if you need citizens to voluntarily turn over their thoughts via some proprietary tracking system, let us be the first.

Thank you, Agencies of the Federal Government, for keeping us and our precious children safe from harm. We are proud and humbled to cooperate in our ongoing national quest to keep America the land of the free.

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  1. b. (emphatic) whatever do you mean? → cosa vorresti dire ?whatever did you do that for? → perché mai l’hai fatto ?

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