Creating a Post

  1. Click Add New Post. This can be done from the Dashboard or the Admin Bar at the top of the page.
  2. Type in (or paste) the post title
  3. Type in the body text. *Important: If you are copy and pasting the text from a website or word editor it is a good idea to use the “Paste as Plain Text” button as this will strip any unnecessary formatting tags that may have been added, as well as preserving all line breaks. This button can be found on the second row of icons; it has a clipboard with the letter “T”. Click this button before you paste your text, paste it in the dialogue box then click insert.
  4. Inserting an image:
    • Place the cursor where you would like the image (you may also drag the image around the page once it is placed)
    • Click the “Add an Image” button (located above the editor icons next to where it says “Upload/Insert”
    • Once the dialogue box opens you may choose to select a file from your computer or choose from an already uploaded image
    • Once the image is uploaded (or selected from the gallery) you the box now contains several options. You may
      1. Change the title of the image
      2. Add a caption
      3. Choose the alignment of the photo (choose none or center to simply place the photo above or below text. choose right or left if you want to wrap the text around the image.)
      4. You may choose to insert the image as a square thumbnail (120px) or a larger proportionate size (which can be resized at anytime) . Don’t choose anything more than 600px tall or wide.
      5. *Very Important!!: If you want a shiny thumbnail for the excerpts on the home page and blog rolls you must set one as a featured image. The link is located at the bottom of the box next to the “Insert into Post” button. (You may also set the featured image in edit page mode from the options on the right hand side. Remember, you can place multiple images into a post but only one can be the featured image.
      6. When done click the Insert into Post button. You should see your image placed.
      7. To resize the image hold the Shift key and drag a corner of the image to make it larger or smaller
  5. Once the content has been added choose the appropriate categories for the post. (This can be done/edited at anytime)
  6. You may add post tags at this time as well if you wish. (This can be done/edited at anytime)
  7. That’s it! To publish your post hit the blue Publish button. Remember, nothing is final. Posts may be edited at anytime!