Israel’s Final Solution

photogenic dead gazansEnough already. We’re sick and tired of hearing about the conflict in Gaza, especially when there’s a new turtle movie coming out.

Sure, our tax dollars pay for Israeli and Egyptian weaponry, and, yeah, OK, that sort of makes us involved. But, really, what does this decades-old grudge match have to do with us here in America? Can’t it just end so our newspapers can return to reporting good news, like the discovery of more frackable shale in North Dakota?

Supposedly there’s no way out of this deplorable situation. Supposedly there’s no answer acceptable to all three parties (Hamas, Israel, and USA). Upon first and repeated consideration, that seems about right. Water and oil will never mix – unless you add a bonding agent, but never mind. It’s a foregone conclusion: Israel and Hamas will never come to terms.

Have you not read the Hamas Covenant? Are you not aware of how much they hate Jews? They even say, in Article 13, “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.” The last part is not true, of course. They only feel that way because their building materials, their energy, their food, their medicine, and their books are controlled by people more powerful than them. Call it an inferiority complex.

Palestinians are victims of a terrible geographical quirk that imprisons nearly 2 million people on a 25-mile wide strip of land directly beside God’s Chosen People. Of course they feel like second-class citizens, because, let’s face it, intrinsically they are. If you’re not Jewish and you take offense at the truth, we’re sorry. We don’t make God’s rules, we just bask in them.idf-gaza-hamas-civilian

From the daily reports of so-called Israeli “atrocities,” as the bodies of little boys and girls pile up inside the morgues (where no doubt terrorists are embedded), you could get the mistaken impression that the Palestinians are more valuable creatures than livestock animals. (They’re a nation of terrorists.) We’ve been fed a constant stream of “telegenically dead” Palestinians, as Bibi Netanyahu has complained to the media, so, yeah, one could get that impression. But we all universally agree that Israel “has the right to protect itself.” That’s a settled issue and the Palestinians will have to live with the consequences of allowing themselves to be governed by the kind of terrorists we don’t like (as opposed to the kind we approve of, like American and Israeli terrorists). So how to deal with an intractable, intransient enemy who A logical approach to warhas already made their (bad) intentions clear? You’ve got to be humane and compassionate.

And by that we mean: Eliminate the ongoing threat to Israel/Jews/Christians/USA quickly and as painlessly as possible, like you would with an infirm dog. The protracted suffering (and horrible public relations) caused by Israeli bombs hitting schools and hospitals and other sanctuaries where Hamas fighters hide, isn’t very nice.

The right thing to do, the kind thing to do, is to drop a nuclear bomb on Gaza.

Let’s get over our hypocrisy and be done with it. We killed around 150,000 Japanese civilians in 1945, and half-a-million or more in Vietnam, and we don’t know exactly how many in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Yemen-Somalia, yet we have the gall to urge our dear friends in Israel to use restraint against civilians? Even when the women and children are utterly complicit in the uprising? This is an issue of logic, not morality. These kind of situations – where inflicting sudden catastrophic losses brings about closure – are perfect for the responsible use of atomic weapons. Ground combat and concentration camps are expensive and, as most Jews remember, produce unfathomable human suffering. When that blinding light and mushroom cloud hit the Gazans, all the pain will be over.

There’s a reason why we don’t let countries like Iran have a nuclear bomb. It’s the same reason we allow countries like Israel to have one (and not confirm its existence): trust. Certainly, Israel has earned the world’sConflict Ender trust by possessing nuclear weapons all this time, while thousands of rockets are being fired harmlessly into their missile shield, yet, despite the arrogant provocations from the “occupied territories,” they’ve had the grace and self-control to not use them, deferring instead to cluster bombs that spray shrapnel in 100-yard arcs, wounding and maiming thousands of non-uniformed combatants (civilians). That doesn’t play well to the cameras and it only breeds millions of more lifelong enemies of Israel. In addition to whatever ongoing military support they might require, it’s time we Americans gave the Israelis explicit permission: You have every right to stop, once and for all, the ongoing attacks against your land and against the very idea of you. Do your thing, Israel.

And maybe after the dust settles, after the bodies have been picked through and Israelis can live with the relief of knowing there won’t be any future generations of terrorists coming specifically out of Gaza, they can turn their attention to Iran or Lebanon, or wherever the Unchosen spew their anti-Zionist hate, and Israel/USA can gently remind everyone else who refuses to accept the terms and living conditions they/we impose, “You’re next.”

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