It’s All Good

Ask anyone under the age of 35: it’s all good.

You accidentally bump your shopping cart into someone standing in line at the supermarket: Oops! No worries. It’s all good. You show up a few minutes late for a scheduled appointment: No problem, it’s all good. You forget someone’s name for the third time: Whatever. It’s all good.

The reason? Because it’s all good. All of it. The bad stuff, too.

When our elected leaders exhibit cruelty and hatefulness, it can sometimes be irksome and disappointing and embarrassing. But it’s also all good. When the uniformed protectors of our liberty and freedom drop bombs on distant strangers, it can be horrifying and shameful and emotionally devastating. But it’s also all good. When bad things happen to good people . . . well, it’s bad, sure, but, also, in a weird way, it’s also good.

God has a plan. The Universe has a plan. We’re not meant to understand it completely. Why should we? We’re biped apes only 25,000 or so years out of the trees, a blink of cosmic vision. Our role is to accept, not comprehend.

A man once wrote, “Perfection includes imperfection.” The world, life, existence — it’s all perfectly imperfect. And, thus, all good.

How comforting to remember when categorically terrible things occur. How inspiring, really.

May it be our mantra.

It’s all goodIt’s all good.

It’s all good.


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  1. Chris Zambon says:

    Well said!