Jim Bell, Ecological Designer

Ecological Life Systems Institute (ELSI) and the ecological designer Jim Bell can both be found at the coolest house in San Diego, at 4862 Voltaire Street, in the magnificent hippie-surfer-consciousness enclave of Ocean Beach. There you’ll find a kind of storefront painted in myriad colors and inscribed with dozens of remarkable and necessary quotes, many of them the aphoristic variety. Ghandi, Tolstoy, Jimi Hendrix. You can take a pamphlet outlining ELSI’s comprehensive plan to give peace a chance. It’s about the hippest living space we’ve encountered. The man behind it all is himself a fount of righteousness, evangelizing for sustainable food and energy practices, locally and globally. A former candidate for Mayor of San Diego, Bell is a fine example of someone whose good intentions are gloriously obvious. We’re inspired.

inspiring storejimbellbench

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  1. Chris Zambon says:

    We must recognize and hold the goodness in this time.