Jumbo Wild

The documentary “Jumbo Wild“tells the ongoing story of a politically-connected real estate developer’s quest to build a ski resort on British Columbia’s remote and pristine Jumbo Glacier — despite overwhelming resistance to the disastrous scheme from local residents, First Nations representatives, and legions of environmentalists. The film is beautifully photographed and surprisingly fair-minded toward the stubbornly adamant developer, who doesn’t care what everyone else thinks — particularly the native animals whose habitat is being destroyed. But the message is clear: whether it is a Canadian mountain or a canyon in Los Angeles, there will always be bringers of harm who must be met with righteousness.

jumbo wild

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1 Response

  1. Chris Zambon says:

    Just last night I was trying to explain to some friends that my familys acreage could not be divided up or sold though holding on to it is a great financial burden for all of us. One friend said we were foolish not to subdivide it so that we would never have to worry about money again. Very few people up North understand this. People from the city who love the Northwoods come up, build a huge summer home and then cut down the trees so that they can have the lawn they left in the city. It is against the law to clear land to the lake shore but they all do it and the DNR fines them a pittance if they find it and most are never reported. That is just considered the price of building. They destroy what they initially come up in the woods to enjoy. Kim and I can barely afford our little cabin in the woods but would never divide up the 5 acres. My family resort has 1300 acres of which much is not developed and will never be subdivided by us as we know how precious this land is. It is value system that most don’t have and can not understand. My two cents. Chris