Let Us Now Praise Our Bi-Partisan War Leaders

You may have been distracted by more important Current Events — like something rude our President said, or a lie that was uttered on a news entertainment program. Not long ago our elected representatives in Congress and the White House passed a bill authorizing $717 billion in what’s comically called “defense” spending. This massive payday for people who work in the killing business included many billions to upgrade our aging nuclear arsenal, which already contains enough bombs to destroy the entire planet several times over. It also includes billions for various radar and missile programs that don’t work, but at least the former Generals who sit on the board of Raytheon, Boeing and other weapons-makers saw their stock options rise in value. Sure, there’s colossal, unfathomable monetary waste — “pork” is the insulting term (insulting to pigs). But it’s not the whitewashed larceny we ask you to consider. Or all the other beautiful things we could have done with $700 billion.

We hope you’ll take a moment to recognize who voted to approve all this military spending. We hope you’ll also notice that most of those who voted “no” did so, they explained, because of troubling immigration issues attached to the bill, not because they think we’re making a profound, immoral mistake spending so much of our national treasure on transforming hopeful young people into effective murderers.

Yes, of course the Republicans, those debt-loathing fiscal conservatives who absolutely hate government spending, almost all voted for the bloated bill. But so did most Democrats, including 75% in the Senate. Indeed, prior to the vote, the bosses Pelosi and Schumer confirmed in writing that their party — you know, the one that’s fundamentally different and better than the other one — supported massive spending on more nuclear bombs. Let’s be clear: Both of the mafia families running our country are responsible for keeping the military-industrial complex alive and well. Better than it’s ever been.

So it’s hard to take seriously anyone who identifies herself as “progressive” (or even “liberal”) yet still votes for Democrats. Especially since the DNC just announced a planned reversal of their “no fossil fuel donations” pledge, once again joining the “opposition” on the wrong side of a settled issue.

For the record, the Green Party was (and still is) opposed to any increase in war spending — unless it’s the war on climate change. Their platform calls for a drastic cut in state-sponsored violence and a large increase in spending on education and wellness. Such “radical” concepts used to be considered mainstream. Now being in a constant state of “war” is mainstream.

We know who to thank: The psychopaths we happily elect, the men and women who faithfully represent our core values and beliefs, the ones who transfer the fruits of our labors to the Pentagon. Perhaps before the next election, before we reflexively vote for whomever “our” party is running, we all might ask ourselves: Do I approve of all this killing? If so, flip a coin: Republican or Democrat. You can’t lose.

Remember this the next time some fool tells you supporting someone other than a Big Money candidate — say, an Independent, or a Green — is “wasting your vote.” At least it’s not a vote for more fear and misery.

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