Poem: Lonely Girl

alone at seaSplayed on her sofa

like a hastily disposed corpse haphazardly stashed

out of the way of more important harbingers of Life,

she watches the screens,

the big one on the wall and the little one in her demure hand,

waiting for the next plot point, the next map point, the point of all her affluent solitude,

searching for something profound or fleeting, comforting, or leading to contentment


to be found.


Do you know how beautiful you are, lonely girl?

Do you know how desirable,

yes, desirous,

inspiring amorousness in the distant ones

who imagine touching your concerned brow,

your worried wrist,

caressing away the rage with tender kisses turning more insistent and directed

with each moan you release

from the cage where you imprison them?

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