Making Deals With the Enemy

let's make a dealHow low has the United States of America sunk? We’re in the process of negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran. Yes, negotiating, like, talking with.

Iran. Yes, that Iran. The country that once held Americans hostage. The country that fought against Saddam Hussein back when we liked him. The country that arms Hezbollah and Hamas. The same Iran that vows to wipe our dear regional friend Israel off the map.

That we’re willing to sit across Viennese conference tables from representatives of the Mullahs who hate our freedoms is a sign that our great American Empire is crumbling, croaking out the last raspy breaths before a hideous death rattle. America is supposed to stand for the finest humanist ideals. Yet we’re gladly engaging in paddy-cake with an enemy that is among the worst human rights abusers in the world. Indeed, Iran is the second leading executioner of its own people, ahead of our dear regional friend Saudi Arabia and the capital punishment-loving Chinese. Let’s not discuss who’s #1.

America is #1 – and that’s something we need to remember when making arms deals with Shiite Muslims who don’t share our Christian values. We have the #1 economy in the world, with the #1disgruntled iranians growth-industry over the past decade: private for-profit prisons to warehouse the icky underclass far away from our suburbs. We have the #1 military in the world, with the #1 most-intimidating cache of weaponry, including some atomic warheads that could easily blow a certain Islamic Republic into oblivion, camels and all.

We’re coming from a position of strength. And yet, thanks to a President who feels he actually has to earn his Nobel Peace Prize, we’re acting as though, ultimately, we don’t call the shots. We’re acting like it’s now OK to negotiate with terrorists.

As anyone who’s played tournament poker understands, when you have a big stack you’re supposed to bully the little guys. America is the big stack. We’ve got the arsenal. We’ve got the money. (And we’ve got God – the right one – on our side.) Now’s not the time to be conciliatory. Now’s the time to step on their Persian throats, figuratively speaking.

an optionLet’s hope patriotic members of the Senate will scuttle the agreement, which the insightful Bob Corker diagnosed as a fleece job. Then let’s see what the Iranians do. If they try to build a nuclear bomb, we’ll have every reason in the world to go to war.

And we all know how that will end.

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