Manufactured Versus Natural: Big Pharma Wins Again!

An enticing banner ad has been plastered recently all over the highly trafficked sites. It’s got a pulchritudinous brunette beaming a contented smile. She’s pretty but not too sexy, a natural gal, unthreatening and pure. The text asks viewers how they would feel if they learned that there was a newly developed chemical compound that made folks feel more joyous, increased their energy, and chased away the blues. Ask your doctor! 

What if those same viewers were told that such a substance has been around for as long weeds have sprouted in soil?

Isn’t is strange, passing strange, that a century of powerful propaganda has made American society more trustworthy of substances invented in laboratories than those that can be picked off a bush? Isn’t it weird that we’re willing to endure the toxic side-effects of legal drugs and not the pleasant side-effects of illegal ones? Isn’t it inscrutably mysterious that we heartily endorse (and enrichen) one kind of drug dealer and imprison (and enrichen) another?

Let’s be straight: We like our drugs, the legal stuff and otherwise. We buy billions of dollars of them. We are vaguely aware of which of these drugs are “good” and which ones are “bad,” but we’re collectively not really sure why this is. We just know that some are legal and some ain’t.

It’s time to ask “why?”

It’s time to have an intelligent discussion that doesn’t begin from false premises. Set aside the emotions. Let’s talk facts. Soberly.

It’s time we came to our senses.

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1 Response

  1. Jay S says:

    So right on it makes me sick. Konik sums up the situation perfectly.