Marijuana Lies: Rebuttal Central

California could change the course of American History in November. Proponents of legalizing marijuana use, possession, cultivation, and distribution have successfully placed on the ballot a referendum that would end nearly a century of ignorance and injustice. Currently, one must be “sick” to own and use marijuana. If the law passes, everyone will be entitled to weed — so long as they are 21, the same age required to buy alcohol and tobacco.

 When lies get repeated often enough, people tend to believe them. Though California is in many area the most progressive state in America, not everyone here understands why half or more of our residents want to regulate and tax the plant. The reactionary opponents of legalization will predictably trot out manipulative, misleading, and insidiously effective advertisements meant to frighten voters who don’t have time to become educated. The surest way to battle the propaganda campaign, which has been going on since the 1930s, would be for high-profile secret potheads — Brad Pitt? Jeff Bridges? — to “come out,” just as homosexuals have, assuring the nervous plebes that smoking pot is not antithetical to their American Dream of wealth, fame, and power. “See? I have everything you want and admire. And I smoke pot. Always have. Since I was 16.”

Their handlers probably won’t let these celebrity stoners compromise their careers and their tenuous service as “role models.” But folks on the other side will proudly stand up for Law and Order, pledging to keep our kids safe from evil, etc., ad nauseam.

This space can be counted on to dispel the mendacity. As the anti-pot cabal releases each new assault on truth, we’ll be here to set the record straight. Nearly 900,000 Americans in prison for marijuana-related “crimes” ought to be compelling reason enough for us to come to our collective senses. Jillions of our dollars wasted on the failed “War on Drugs” (a Civil War, against our own citizens), ought to rouse us from our collective slumber. The correctness of legalizing marijuana on moral, philosophical, economic, spiritual, and medical grounds ought to ensure the passage of landmark legislation in November. But being right is never enough. Someone — a lot of someones — needs to stand up and fight the lies and speak truth to power.

We hereby volunteer.

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  1. Cheapy says:

    Very nice article. Straight to the point. I am not sure if this is actually the best place to make your arguments. Maybe politics is the way to go? LOL. Very professional writer. Good.

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