As a Producer

Charmaine Clamor
Something Good

The world is filled with basically two kinds of music: the good stuff, and everything else. The categories don’t matter; the labels are irrelevant. It’s the sound. Filipino-jazz-world-soul-pop-funk-blues: Something Good.

“A gifted vocalist.” — NY TIMES

Charmaine Clamor
My Harana

Timeless Filipino courtship serenades sung in 8 different native languages and dialects. A world music classic.

“Her voice is genuine and her timbre shimmers with fragrant beauty. I do not speak Filipino, so the lyrics are lost on me. But you sense instantly what Clamor is singing about, and you realize she is a gorgeous singer. She’s that good.” — JAZZWAX

Charmaine Clamor
Flippin’ Out

A new kind of world music: soulful American jazz and blues meets traditional Filipino love songs. The invention of Jazzipino!

“Her expressive voice captures the essence of the lyrics and brings them to life. It matters little whether she is singing jazz, blues, pop, or songs from her native Philippines, she takes each one and makes them her own. Clamor is one of the finest singers to come around in a long time.” – ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Charmaine Clamor
Searching for the Soul

Soulful jazz and blues vocals delivered with sultry expressiveness. In English.

“When Charmaine Clamor’s warm, luscious contralto slips into a rhythmically seductive version of “I’m in the Mood for Love” or purrs through the tender lyrics of “The Very Thought of You,” there’s no doubt that a first-rate jazz talent is present. Her first album announces the arrival of an impressive new vocal artist working her magic.” — LA TIMES 

Mon David
Coming True

The American debut of the 2006 London International Jazz Vocal champion. With guest appearances by Justo Almario and David’s fellow Filipino Charmaine Clamor.

“Every once in a rare while a singer arrives clear out of the blue and knocks you out. Such a revelation is Mon David.” — JAZZ TIMES 

Linda Hopkins
Living Legend Live

Captured live in concert at Hollywood’s famed Catalina Bar & Grill Jazz Club, on the Tony winner’s 82nd birthday. This astonishing recording provides vibrant proof that we can’t help getting older…but we never have to grow old.

“At 81, Hopkins still has stage presence to spare. ‘The Kid’ is clearly enjoying the winter of her career.” — DOWNBEAT

Mark Winkler
Till I Get it Right

Acclaimed lyricist Mark Winkler (recorded by Dianne Reeves, David Benoit, Joe Sample, Wayne Shorter) shares his best songs, culled from collaborations with Mike Melvoin, Dan Seigel, and Joshua Redman, as well as his hit off-Broadway jazz musical “Play it Cool.” Backed by some of the jazz world’s most respected names, including Anthony Wilson, Bob Sheppard, and Cheryl Bentyne.

“Winkler lays it out so pretty, so smooth, so witty and straight no matter what! Buy this record, write Mark a letter of thanks, pour another drink and play it again and again.” — MARK MURPHY

Mr. Z

The musical and spiritual heir to the legacy of composer and singer Jon Hendricks. Bebop to bossa to vocalese. Featuring four original compositions, four different languages, and the Miles Davis composition “Four.”

“I consider Zaxariades my son, both spiritually and musically. There’s no one better out there to carry on my legacy.” — JON HENDRICKS 

As a Performer

Michael Konik and His Tasty Band
There’ll Be Some Changes Made (2003)

MK sings with his swinging quartet, the Tasty Band. This act was the longest-running weekly jazz show in Hollywood, from 2004-2006, hosting “Tasty Tuesdays” at Catalina Bar & Grill jazz club. Final printing of this rare collector’s item.

“Michael Konik’s vocal style is reminiscent of a time past. He sells the song’s message with emotion, intensity, and excellent articulation that makes every word of the lyrics clear as a bell. A consummate in-person performer, he has an outgoing personality and energy that reaches out of this CD to the listener.” – LA JAZZ SCENE

Crescendo (2003)

Five-part vocal harmony, featuring a young MK singing tenor. This album also spotlights the soon-to-be-famous Charmaine Clamor on her first professional recording. Final printing of this rare collector’s item.