New Music Menagerie

The Unabashedly Weird: Baritone saxophonist Josh Sinton’s “making bones, taking draughts, bearing unstable millstones pridefully, idiotically, prosaically.” Not your usual trio: drums, cello, and bass clarinet. And not your usual music. Boundary-less, tangential, sly, the music here invites you to find deep meaning in the improvised meanderings, or none at all.

The Straight-ahead: Pianist Brad Whiteley’s “Presence.” Deliciously groovy, hummable, gorgeous ensemble playing from a bunch of New York cats who sound like they know they’ve got nothing to prove but the depth of their musical wisdom.

The Modern: Saxophonist-composer Kyle Nasser’s “Persistent Fancy.” Imagine the forward-thinking music that might spring from the mind of a musician conservatory-trained at Berklee and classroom-trained (in Economics and Political Philosophy) at Harvard. Find a cyclical groove, apply virtuoso technique and explore the possibilities. Literary-minded and tightly composed, “Fancy” is itself a meditation on what’s come before and where we might be headed.

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