New Year’s Resolution

Consume less.

Less oil. Less water. Less electricity.

In 2007, our family managed to switch from a traditional water heater to a tankless one. We’re exploring solar panels for our roof in 2008.

We went from the traditional two-car arrangement to one, augmented by increased bicyle use and forays on public transportation. We intend on taking the subway — the Los Angeles subway! — more in 2008.

We began growing our own vegetables this year, and we intend on cultivating fewer flowers and more green leafy things in 2008, which will be abetted by our County-issued composter.

As Americans, we’re blessed with a cornucopia of abundance that sometimes borders on the obscene. In 2008, we resolve to appreciate those blessings, not abuse them. If we can consume less — and give more (more kindness, more love, more compassion) — we retain a small glimmering chance to inhabit a world, and a nation, worth living in.

On behalf of everyone at, we wish you a year filled with more peace and less stuff.

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