On Pot: A Superior Court Judge Speaks

James Gray served as a Superior Court judge in Orange County for 25 years. He was on the front lines of California’s War on Drugs. 

Here’s what he learned: California simply can’t afford to continue to waste hundreds of millions of dollars and countless hours of law enforcement time targeting non-violent cannabis consumers who have hurt no one.

That’s why he strongly supports the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010.

It isn’t every day that conservative columnist George Will and liberal pundit Arianna Huffington agree on something. But they do agree that our war on cannabis has failed. That’s because no matter what political lens you look through, it’s clear that our current cannabis policies are wrong.

Our police waste countless hours targeting and arresting non-violent cannabis consumers. Those arrested are then sent to court, where judges waste countless hours hearing their cases and sentencing them. Then they wind up in jail, where we waste hundreds of millions of dollars incarcerating them.

We have thousands of people in state prisons simply because they smoked marijuana while on parole. This often puts their families back on welfare when they are placed back in prison.

Yet none of this stops anyone from consuming cannabis. It doesn’t make our communities safer. It just doesn’t make sense.

California has an historic opportunity in November to change all of this. As progressive, enlighted citizens, we’ve got to seize it.

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