Our American System: A Logic Problem

Given: In a capitalist economic system, profiting at the expense of others is permissible and encouraged. 

Given: The surest way to business success is to eliminate competition.

Given: Government is an institutionalized system of redistributing wealth.

Given: American politicians are avowed capitalists, motivated by the same self-interested desires as other devout capitalists.

Given: Many laws are made to codify and enforce the profits of “politically connected” supporters, i.e., financial donors.

Therefore: The American political system is not, as many claim, “broken.” Indeed, it is functioning more efficiently and effectively than ever, satisfying the tenets of a capitalist system that cherishes consumption and acquisition above all else.

Cogitate and discuss.

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2 Responses

  1. speevey says:

    Another nice one, MK. Funny but true.

  2. speevey says:

    Tasty. Your material is stylish.