Our Environment: Another Drug War Casualty

Our failed War on Drugs has cost us vast treasure, ruined the lives of harmless citizens, and fueled a growing empire of violent crime. To continue with this national folly would be stupid at best and catastophic at worst. It’s time to legalize marijuana, treating it as we do tobacco, alcohol, caffiene, and other widely desired drugs. Doing so will also be good for our environment.

Because of prohibition — throughout a 5,000 year legacy of cannabis use among civilizations around the globe, the first century weed was made illegal was the 20th — what was once natural and open is now furtive and shrouded. Plants that belong outdoors, soaking up the sun and growing like, well, weeds, are now consigned to indoor “grow rooms,” where 1,000-watt lamps irradiate genetically stabilized clones rooted in nitrogen-rich fertilizer. The enromous quantity of energy consumed and waste prodcuts produced makes indoor-grown pot a detriment to our environment and atmosphere.

Strip mining or fracking it’s not. But millions of pot plants grown in basement cellars and windowless warehouses don’t make the earth a better place. When we come to our collective senses and fully legalize marijuana in all 50 states, the plants may safely return to their Mother Sun, in the great outdoors, where all growing things belong.

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3 Responses

  1. Al the Apple says:

    Yep. Spot on.

  2. linus says:

    Woooaaaohh. Intriguing.

  3. russ says:

    I believe other writers could use you and yoru site as a model. Excellent work.